Color of the year 2022 in the bedroom. Four ideas for a fashionable and comfortable bedroom

Colors for the bedroom should help to calm and relax. This does not mean that when decorating a bedroom we have to limit ourselves to neutral whites, beiges or grays. We chose four colors of the year 2022, which will perfectly fit in the bedrooms, while enlivening the room and providing a comfortable rest.

The colour of the year 2022 according to the Pantone Institute is very Peri, a combination of blue with red and grey. The resulting shade falling into violet for some may not be the first choice for the bedroom. Although Very Peri is quite intense and in large quantities can overwhelm, skillfully arranged in the room, it will effectively enliven and make it attractive.

The new purple from Pantone is an option especially for those who are looking for unusual solutions for the bedroom and are tired of neutral grays or beiges. A big advantage of very Peri is that it can be combined with many colors and create intriguing and original color compositions.

Very peri perfectly combines with juicy fuchsias, reds and various shades of yellow. It also looks interesting in combination with Garnet and emerald color

We don’t have to paint all the walls purple, of course. It is enough, for example, to confine yourself to one wall-for example, the one behind the bed. We can also use very peri in the form of accessories (e.g. carpet, bedside cabinets or decorative textiles.

Bright skies, or light blue is the proposal of the brand AkzoNobel for the color of 2022. Refreshing and evoking the limitless sky, bright skies is perfect for the bedroom. The color is subtle enough that it will not interfere with our rest and will not make it difficult to fall asleep. And at the same time, bright skies will slightly enliven the room, introducing a bit of color into it. This is a great compromise for people who like minimalism, but are tired of white and gray.

Blue in the bedroom will be well presented in the company of delicate browns and sandy shades. If we want to create a stronger contrast, let’s combine bright skies with pink or juicy fuchsia, for example, in the form of accessories: pillows, bedspreads or curtains.

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With bright skies we can easily cover all the walls, or-which can be an original solution-paint only the ceiling blue. Thus, waking up, the first thing we see is a beautiful, blue sky.

The softness and relaxing, calming properties of October mist allow you to create the perfect conditions for relaxation in the bedroom. We can safely paint all the walls in sage. Accessories in this color will also be a good option, especially curtains or blinds in October mist color.

October mist creates a harmonious duet with delicate browns, grays, as well as pastel colors (e.g. yellow or blue). It is also worth remembering about pink and red, but in their broken, subtle shades.

Brown is gaining increasing popularity as a color for the bedroom. Therefore, it is not surprising that the leading paint manufacturer, Tikkurila, announced velvet brown with a touch of red, or Kestrel, as its color of the year 2022.

Brown bedroom does not have to be dark and depressing. Just choose the right shade of brown, e.g. caramel or other lighter or subtler tones and contrast it with brighter colors, e.g. white, gray, or light wood!

An interesting idea would be to paint one wall Brown (e.g. Kestrel) and cover the rest of the walls with 2022 colors, especially: bright Skies (blue) and October mist (sage green). Such a set of earth colors will bring harmony to the interior, revive the brown and most importantly-make the bedroom a cozy and ideal place to relax.

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