Guest room: how to decorate a guest room? Separate room or zone in the living room

The best gift for visitors will be a separate guest room. It is easiest to plan it at home, but also in the block it is not so difficult. If we do not have a separate room, which could be used for guests, it is worth to develop a suitable zone for them. See how you do it.

The hotel rooms are a ready-made inspiration. What is important is a comfortable, preferably neutral color scheme, as well as silence. The guest room should be well isolated from the communication lines in the house.

Guest room: where to start?

The guest room should be foreseen already at the stage of the design of the house or interior. First of all, it should be located in a secluded place-well separated from the living room, kitchen, hallway. It can be arranged, for example, in the attic or over the garage. If we receive guests often and they are not single people, let’s think about a room in which 2-3 people can comfortably stay overnight.

The guest room should have very good ventilation, especially if it is not used every day. Frequent airing, heating, which we turn on only when there is a need, scented candles-all this creates a healthy and pleasant climate.

Guest room: what is important?

Once we have a separate room, let’s start with the selection of colors. Since the guests are different and it is difficult to hit everyone’s taste, let’s put on the most neutral basis. Well suited: white, light beige, delicate brown, pastel gray.

No matter what furniture and accessories we choose (about this in the next paragraph), it is worth taking care of a few important things:

Cleanliness and freshness: as in the hotel, the room should be distinguished by order, cleanliness, pleasant smell. To do this, you should regularly refresh the room-ventilate, support yourself with aromatherapy, ensure good ventilation.

Welcome kit: guests primarily need towels. It also does not hurt to prepare cosmetics. After the trip, guests will appreciate a carafe of water and a glass. And it is best if it comes to snacks-sweet or salty. Or » fit » when we know the guy’s preferences.

Time lovers: newspapers, books will be useful, and guests will certainly appreciate a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Wi-Fi password: some may consider it an exaggeration, but we have the 21st century and sooner or later guests can ask about it. So let’s get ahead of the question and get ready right away!

Guest room: furniture and accessories

The basic equipment of the guest room is a comfortable bed. The mattress should be new, comfortable, regularly cleaned. And the bed itself-preferably double. If the guest room performs other functions on a daily basis (for example, a study), it is good to plan a sofa bed or a corner there.

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