Cheap kitchen renovation: learn 10 ways to save on kitchen makeover

Kitchen renovation is usually associated with long work, as well as high costs. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Learn 7 ways to cheaply renovate your kitchen! Moreover, you can do a lot yourself-without a team of professionals.

Cheap renovation of the kitchen does not have to mean only «cosmetic» work. Because we can radically change the decor, and at a low cost. How do I do that?

  1. Cheap kitchen renovation: painting tiles
    Chucking tiles, buying new ones, installation-all this can even deter you from repairing the kitchen. Therefore, it is worth taking shortcuts and ensure a spectacular effect with a small amount of effort and resources. It is important only to use the right paint for painting tiles – emulsions for walls will not work for sure. We recommend a variety of renovation enamels, and preferably just paints designed specifically for painting tiles or tiles.
  1. Cheap kitchen renovation: waterproof wallpaper
    Another simple and inexpensive way to interesting walls in the kitchen. Waterproof wallpaper or photo wallpaper can be installed in many places-most often choose the wall above the sink and countertop. According to the name, these wallpapers are resistant to moisture, but remember that they should also tolerate contact with detergents, grease or high temperatures (especially when there is a heating plate nearby).
  2. Cheap kitchen renovation: painting kitchen cabinets
    Replacing the kitchen is not only a considerable cost, but also a great difficulty for the household. So why not keep the old cabinets? Let’s give them a cheap and clever makeover. The easiest way is to paint them. Universal use for this is chalk paint. We can easily carry out such a kitchen renovation at the weekend!
  1. Cheap kitchen renovation: stickers for furniture and household appliances
    A good alternative to painting is the gluing of furniture. In this way, we can completely change the look of the furniture or only in fragments-if we use stickers. On the fronts, let there be decorative borders or colorful compositions. Moreover, in a similar way it will be possible to change the appearance of kitchen appliances. For example, the refrigerator, which has long been young, will acquire a completely different face when we glue it. Such stickers can be ordered by specifying the exact dimensions of the equipment. Let’s do it!
  2. Kitchen furniture as new: replacement of kitchen fronts
    However, if we decide that paint or stickers are not enough, we can go a step further and completely replace the kitchen fronts. In the case of wooden cabinets, it is often enough just to sand the surface and secure it. On the other hand, completely new fronts need to be ordered to size-at a carpenter or in a proven company. We need to specify the dimensions of the door and the hinge spacing (the holes will then be properly made). It is also worth thinking about new hinges or guides (in the case of drawers). Installation of new kitchen fronts is not difficult, just a drill, a screwdriver, and even a conventional screwdriver.
  3. Old furniture in the new kitchen
    Design from decades ago today enjoys great recognition. Therefore, somewhat paradoxically, it is worth introducing age-old furniture into the modern kitchen and thus give the interior an interesting metamorphosis. Let’s go to the antique fair in search of designer pearls. Sometimes you can buy fantastic kitchen furniture for nothing: a cupboard, a window or a buffet. It is enough to spend some time on restoration and painting. And then the metamorphosis of the kitchen is ready!
  1. Quick metamorphosis of the kitchen: vinyl tiles on the floor
    Modern vinyl tiles are characterized by resistance to moisture, stains and scratches. Moreover, they can be safely laid on the already existing floor-without the need to tie it. If we dream of a quick and cheap metamorphosis of the kitchen, vinyl tiles will provide a good effect. We especially recommend those inspired by cement tiles-patterned, full of imagination.
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