Color of the year 2022 in the kitchen. Functional kitchen in the most fashionable colors of the year

Planning to renovate the kitchen in 2022, but still do not know what colors to choose? Below are four colours that have been named the colours of the year 2022-an intriguing shade of Violet, a refreshing blue, a soothing shade of green, or maybe a warm and intimate brown? Find out what to combine these colors with and how to apply them in the kitchen!

Color of the year 2022 in the kitchen-Very Peri (purple)
The Pantone Institute has announced that the color of the year 2022 will be very peri. Under this intriguing name lies a shade of violet, created from a combination of mostly blue and red, with a mixture of pink and gray. Expressive very peri definitely stands out against the background of popular pastels and neutral colors, so beige, white and gray.

Purple elements in the kitchen are certainly an original solution-and at the same time an excellent way to revive the kitchen a little. We can use the Very peri color, for example, as a color theme on the wall between the upper cabinets and the countertop.

Another idea is to buy fronts in the color of very peri — we do not have to immediately decide on the whole building in purple, it is enough that very Peri will be in our kitchen in the form of a row of lower cabinets, and the upper building will be left in a brighter, neutral color (thanks to this very Peri will not dominate the interior).

Very peri goes well with red, juicy fuchsia and pink, which is worth using by combining these colors in pairs. Since purple and red can create an intense duet, it is a good idea to soften them with pastels, light gray or dirty white.

If we like contrasts and want to liven up the kitchen a little, introducing more positive energy into it, let’s combine Very peri with bright shades of yellow, for example in the form of accessories, equipment and kitchen equipment (for example, a yellow lamp over a purple island).

Color of the year 2022 in the kitchen-Bright Skies (blue)
When deciding on the arrangement of the kitchen in blue, it is worth making sure that in addition to this color, in the kitchen there is also room for warmer shades. In the case of the color of the year 2022 proposed by the brand AkzoNobel, we do not have to worry that it will cool our kitchen. Bright skies is a refreshing, bright blue, which is associated with the color of the sky on a sunny day.

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It is so subtle that in some cases it can play a role similar to the base colors (such as beige, gray or white). Bright skies in the kitchen will work well as the color of the walls, furniture, also the island. If, for example, we like white, minimalist kitchens, but we want to revive the room with a subtle color detail-the color bright skies will be perfect (you can, for example, cover the island standing in the center of the white kitchen).

Bright blue likes the company of pastel colors, such as pink or peach. It looks good in the company of delicate greens, browns and grays. It will be an excellent companion for wood, especially in light tones, although with black and deep brown or graphite it will also be presented in concert.

Color of the year 2022 in the kitchen — October Mist (Green)

Green color is expected to be one of the most used colors in interiors in 2022. No wonder-still eco-style and inspiration from nature are in vogue, so the colors of the earth, especially green and Brown also this year proudly mark their presence in our homes.

When it comes to greenery in the kitchen and dining room, pastel or broken shades are best suited, which soothe and bring us into a pleasant mood. Therefore, the ideal candidate for the kitchen is the color of the year 2022 according to the brand Benjamin Moore, or October mist.

It’s not hard to fall in love with this relaxing sage green! Just look at the pictures below to be enchanted by the subtle power of this color. On the one hand, October mist, like any green, is a more intense color, next to which you can not go indifferently. On the other hand, the sage shade makes the color not dominant in the kitchen, and in a particular lighting can even resemble gray — so the color is neutral, basic.

October mist walls or kitchen cabinets will create a beautiful duet with metallic appliances, white countertop or gray tiles or accessories. An interesting effect is obtained by combining the sage color with light blue or navy blue. You can not forget about the pink and broken shades of red (green and red are complementary colors).

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