Fashionable kitchen 2022-an overview of interior trends

In the last year we spent most of our time in houses, and one of the most used rooms in the apartment was undoubtedly the kitchen. How has the pandemic affected the way kitchens are arranged and what will be the leading trend in kitchen arrangements in 2022? This year we are making our kitchens bolder than ever.

Fashionable kitchens 2022 – solid and durable materials

Over the past few years, our kitchens have undergone a real metamorphosis: they have become open spaces connected to the living room. This solution allowed for free contact between households, by the way, visually increasing the area of the apartment. The year 2020 and 2021 marked by the pandemic resulted in further changes in the arrangement and decoration of interiors, especially kitchens and bathrooms (due to their high use and the need to maintain hygiene in these premises).

What will be the fashion kitchens in 2022? Fashionable kitchens 2022 are spaces where the greatest emphasis has been placed on practical solutions that make it easier to maintain cleanliness. The kitchens of 2022 are dominated by durable and robust materials that can cope with frequent cleaning and disinfection. Abrasion and scratch resistant materials such as granite, conglomerate, Quartz sintering, exotic wood or well-impregnated oak, as well as wood-like panels covered with a thick layer of varnish, will work well. Countertops and cabinets made of such materials are extremely easy to keep clean and most importantly-they are solid, so they will serve us for many years.

In 2022, exclusive marble, especially the well-used one, will return to favor. In combination with gold (e.g. in the form of golden taps!) and wood will create a spectacular, luxurious set. Another material that will increasingly appear in kitchens will be walnut-kitchen cabinets from this warm wood will perfectly fit into modern and classically decorated kitchens.

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Fashionable kitchens 2022 – colors in the lead role

Until recently, the kitchens were white, but this changes in 2022. However, this does not mean that the white color will completely disappear from our kitchens. Fashionable kitchens 2021 will be recognized by the presence of, among other things, greens (in shades of emerald and dark, forest-inspired tones). Somewhere there may also appear blue accents and … black! Yes, the color black boldly enter the kitchen in 2022, but will settle in them permanently? We’ll see!

For those who in 2022 dream of decorating the kitchen with a touch of luxury, designers recommend colors inspired by precious stones. So it is worth to reach for deep black, emerald, garnet, Ruby, etc., remembering to use them with sensitivity and moderation, so that they do not dominate the space.

Fashionable kitchen 2022-a lonely island?

In recent years, we have become so accustomed to the kitchen islands that we have ceased to pay much attention to them. But the last year reminded us how important and useful element of kitchen equipment are these rectangular structures.

Fashionable kitchen 2022 – furniture for a medal

What kitchen furniture are popular in 2022? First of all, smooth satin surfaces, easy to clean and-preferably-without handles. Kitchen cabinets will stretch the entire length of the wall and will be mostly built-in. To give the design a lightness, we can choose shelves instead of closets-it is worthwhile to display nice porcelain or glass in them.

According to designers, in the kitchen furniture in 2022, two-color cabinets are very popular, combining contrasting colors, such as white and black in the classic version or green and blue, broken by a light wooden countertop or a marble-lined wall.

Fashionable kitchens 2022 – innovative technologies

Modern technological solutions in the kitchen are an important aspect when decorating this room in 2022. Especially technologies that eliminate physical contact and thus prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses. Speech about non-contact kitchen batteries and lighting or household appliances controlled via a smartphone (e.g. intuitive ovens, refrigerators).

The fashionable kitchen 2022 is primarily functional, but allows for a lot of creativity, especially in terms of color. This year we are no longer afraid of stronger color tones and mixing styles – thanks to the past months spent at home, we realized that creating cozy interiors is much more important than blindly following trends. And it is in 2022 that we will implement this knowledge in our own four walls.

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