How to arrange the cabinet inside

In our homes, we have to solve a difficult problem-it is necessary to place a lot of things in a relatively small area.For this reason, we try to make the most of every centimeter of the area.A striking example is the use of sliding doors in furniture instead of swinging ones.Another example is the filling of the cabinet.With the right selection, it allows you to use the entire available volume, not just the area.

order to organize the interior space of the cabinet-coupe would be nice to know that in general it can be supplied.The set most often consists of several shelves, from the compartment under the clothes hanger.There may also be sockets.These are the most common types of fillings, but by far the only ones.There are also special hangers for trousers (scissors), skirts (skirts), holders for belts and ties, special shelves for shoes (shoes).And they can bestationary and retractable.They allow you to more compactly store clothes of a certain type, and it is always placed in the designated place.

All these devices are called Cabinet additions or accessories, but most often the phrase «filling the cabinet»is used.More precisely, it reflects the essence-these are various devices for the arrangement of space inside.

Hinges and partitions

Partitions under the curtains can be parallel (1, 2, 4) or perpendicular

to the door skříně.Je more convenient when the partition is parallel to the door-all the things hanging on it are visible.However, in this case, the depth of the cabinet should not be less than 60 cm-the clothes hanger with clothes takes up just as much space.

If the partition is perpendicular to the door, the cabinet can be made less deep-40-45 CM. However, in this case it is completely visible.only the first thing, behind it are all the others.It’s not very convenient.You can solve this problem by installing a retractable system.In this case, the use will be much more convenient.

Often it is more convenient to place clothes compartments on the shoulders in the upper part of the cabinet, leaving the lower part under the shelves and drawers.In this case, they do not put ordinary partitions, but movable ones.This device for filling the cabinet is called «pantographs».

The sizes of the pantographs are different, butif you want to equip with a ready-made option, not individually made in size, look at the dimensions in advance and adjust the width of the partition for them.After all, you still have to leave a place for mounting the mechanism.

Shelves and drawers

Filling the cabinet rarely does without shelves and drawers.Shelves from the cabinet make different depths and heights-it all depends on what you are going to stack, but the minimum height of the shelf is 30 cm. You can put on it a few sweaters and T-shirts.

Most often, the shelves are made of laminated fiberboard, but mesh can be installed.They occupy very little space (in thickness), which is also a plus for dimensional problems.The second positive point is that if the shelves of the shelves are high, you can see from below what lies there (at least partially).Their disadvantage is fixed sizes, which must be taken into account when planning.Nevertheless, a small defect can be corrected due to the slats on which these shelves can be laid.

Sockets can also be made of chipboard or mesh.Advantages and disadvantages are the same.In some cases, network boxes are called baskets.Light and comfortable dust does not accumulate in them.

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