How to decorate the porch: styles, furniture, curtains, lighting

They say that the theater begins with a hanger, and the impression of a house is created on the veranda.Therefore, the design of a small summer extension should also be thought out: both beautiful and functional.And the design of the veranda in the country is no less important than in a private house.And you can do it yourself with your own hands: we will try to throw ideas in the form of numerous photos.

First, let’s talk about the general directions in which verandas are most often formed.Styles can vary, but almost all have an ethnic direction: Provence, Russian hut, Mediterranean, Eastern, etc.all indicate the presence of wood products or other natural materials-rattan, bamboo.These elements are present both in the design of walls and ceilings, and in furniture.Then everything will look harmonious.

If we talk about the color scheme, it is mostly soft pastel tones that are closest to natural colors.Why especially?Because a few bright color spots are not allowed, but also desirable.They will revive the image, without disturbing the overall harmony.

How to equip the porch: the choice of style

How do you choose the style that best suits your occasion?First of all, the location affects the choice of style.If andwith respect to the north or east, the British colonial style would look better.It includes as a mandatory attribute a rocking chair and wicker rattan furniture.

Wicker furniture is an attribute of country life.Very functional and comfortable, but at the same time does not burden or overlap the space

If you want to create such an interior completely, you can arrange krb.Na the covered veranda will also serve for its heating.It can be ignited at dusk on cold evenings.When creating an interior, do not forget about the only main wall in this room: the decoration of the veranda involves its design.The wall is often painted in the prevailing tone, sometimes, if it is appropriate and fits into the idea, decorated with stone.

In order not to leave a decent area empty, shelves, flower holders, decorative elements — panels, lamps can be hung on it.

If the veranda is oriented to the south or east, init will get a lot of sun.These rooms are well decorated in the style of «Provence».It is distinguished by beams on the ceiling, natural furniture in light colors with some color accents.Curtains will catch a very light translucent.From the furniture there is a table next to the chairs, in pots and vases there can be flowers.

The style itself is veryvarious and can be «festive», primary and very sophisticated or venkovský.Na in the photo on the right, this «rural» part is greatly exaggerated, but the interior also benefits from this.

Always in retro fashion: elements of different styles, deliberate negligence, behind which lies a fine calculation and careful processing.Recently funny loft style. Decorating the veranda in this style will require your imagination and unusual techniques.For example, you will not have to plaster a brick wall, leveling, but tint, which will reveal even more its heterogeneity and unevenness.In this way, shortcomings turn into virtues.In order not to make a mistake and not strain your hand, practice on some other part of the wall, for example, in the dressing room or in the barn.When the idea is exactly completed, and what you have done is in order, you can apply the acquired skills to the main wall.

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