How to get a good night’s sleep in winter? Guide

In winter, we are more sleepy even when we get the recommended 8 hours of sleep. What to do to rest better, and at the same time have more energy to act? First, you should look at the arrangement of the bedroom, and secondly, to practice a few good habits.

Why are we more tired in winter?

In late autumn and winter, we wake up when it is dark, and practically all day we function with artificial lighting. Disturbed rhythm day-night translates into trouble sleeping. — Our sleep is different depending on the season. In summer, we face completely different problems than in winter-when it is warm, we have trouble falling asleep, in turn, on cold days, our body dreams of bed. For this reason, it is worth observing the rules of sleep hygiene, which will help us in the fight

The sun is largely responsible for regulating our sleep. It is the natural rays that inhibit the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the circadian rhythm. Because the sun sets early in winter, more melatonin is also produced, which makes us sleepy and tired. And working at a higher level of the hormone tires us much more!

Healthy sleep in winter – mattress, duvet and bedding

To most effectively overcome the natural barriers that affect the worse state of the body in winter, it is worth first of all to look at the arrangement of the bedroom. In winter, a comfortable mattress is especially important. It should be elastic, but not too hard-it must support the spine and the whole body well during sleep. Remember that the mattress should be changed no less than every 8-10 years. It is also worth choosing a model with synthetic filling, in which harmful microorganisms do not multiply.

Another important thing-a quilt for the winter. It should keep the heat well and at the same time provide good air ventilation. This also applies to bedding, as well as additional fabrics-such as blankets or bedspreads.

Clean air and suitable temperature

In winter, when the heating of the house, the air becomes drier. In addition, we less often ventilate the room, and therefore more often in the bedroom can accumulate harmful to health microorganisms or contaminants. Therefore, if we ventilate the room, let’s do it briefly, but properly – open the window wide for a few minutes.

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