Interior decoration of balconies and loggias: custom design

Even if you have a solid area in the house or apartment, you can not ignore the balcony, and the loggia will not work: in this small area it is too good to relax.In winter, you can enjoy the rays of the sun, and in summer-the breeze and coolness.Therefore, the completion of the design inside, the development of the design, is an important task.The place should be cozy and comfortable, but also functional. Combining different requirements on a very small territory is not easy.There are several key points that will help you cope with these tasks yourself.They will be discussed further.

Balconies and loggias are of course structurally odlišné.To this is reflected in the characteristics of insulation and in the installation of glazing, but the design and decoration are identical, as well as the possible use of available space.Therefore, the article will focus on proposals of both types.

Loggia with panoramic glazing — nothing prevents you from enjoying the scenery

Elaboration of the design of the balcony or loggia precede repairs.Andthe main repair of such structures is glazing and, if so decided, insulation.Glazing of balconies and loggias is usually divided into two groups: cold and warm.Cold protects against the penetration of dust and precipitation, can significantly slow down the wind, but can not significantly affect the temperature.Warm glazing adds sound insulation and an increase in temperature to the entire set of properties.

The cost of glazing is much higher, but the functions that the room can perform after this modernization are much wider.How can I use a cold balcony?To store some things, and even in the summer — to sit, relax, in the winter you can — just jump out for a couple minut.Na on an insulated balcony or loggia, work rooms and bedrooms are arranged. Someone’s converting the dining area from a small kitchen.The decision, of course, is yours, but to orient in the topic was easier, briefly list the main methods of glazing, their advantages and disadvantages.

Cold glazing

Each of the methods in this category will be much cheaper than warm, but the level of comfort and functionality of the room remains quite low.

Metal glazing.People also called» tram windows » because of the characteristic appearance.The frame is made of steel, into which the glass is inserted with the help of a sealing rubber.This option is more durable, but has a very high thermal conductivity.In summer it is hot on such a balcony or loggia, in winter it is cold.

A more modern version of bacon metal glazing

Single aluminum profile.It has the longest life but also the highest price from above uvedeného.Na unlike other types, sliding windows are often produced rather than folding windows: they are cheaper, and also help to save space.The disadvantage of aluminum sliding frames is leaks, but the glazing is uncritical.

The aluminum profile is coated with a polymer of any color

The most aesthetic are well-made wooden frames and aluminum glazing.To this day they are used, but the metal is still less visible.Tram windows are present only in old buildings: the operational life is still decent, but there are very few «freshly set» ones: the view is too specific, and the temperatures are slightly uncomfortable.

Warm glazing

Until recently, there were two options: profile frames made of PVC or double wooden.Double wooden have the same drawback as single: they require good and regular care: painting.PVC profiles in this sense are Muchmore practical: they need to be cleaned regularly only from dust and dirt.The second problem is the adaptation of the fittings of plastic windows, which allows them to be moved to the summer and winter position, takes only a few minutes and serves mainly to increase comfort and extend the service life without maintenance.

The use of PVC profiles is the most popular type of hot glazing

The minus of glazing with plastic profiles is their significant weight.Therefore, they are installed on a base with high bearing capacity: brick, concrete, welded from profiled pipes.In some cases, the disadvantage is the width of the profile: it limits the amount of light entering the room.But high tightness and excellent thermal insulation properties, with good insulation of the floor and ceiling on the balcony and loggia, allow you to maintain a stable temperature inside.And this makes it possible to use the space more: balconies and loggias are combined with the premises or arranged offices, a summer garden in them.

Panoramic glazing can be warm: energy-saving double-glazed windows can maintain the temperature without much effort

The third type of glazing of balconies and loggias is panoramic.These are double-glazed windows created by special technology, for the fastening of which a minimum of material is used.There is an option of generally frameless glazing: double-glazed windows are connected to each other.Option, interesting, but expensive and in design not the mostsimple.

How to decorate a balcony or loggia

To finish the glazed and insulated balconies, you can use the same materials as for decoration, but the most popular method is the balcony shingle.It can be wooden or plastic.Finishing the interior of the balcony with wooden shingles creates a more pleasant atmosphere, and plastic is easier to maintain and does not need to be painted regularly.After you decide which of the characteristics is more important to you, you can choose the appropriate option.

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