Kitchen enclosure-ready or to size? We suggest what and why to choose

Probably everyone who plans the arrangement of the first apartment or the desired renovation, is tempted by the offer of ready-made furniture for the kitchen. A complete set to be picked up within a few days or even by hand, may seem like the ideal solution. However, if the building is to be really functional-maximum capacity, ergonomic, really durable-and at the same time extremely beautiful, a better choice will be furniture for size. What important details determine this? And what do you need to pay attention to when ordering?

Expositions of finished kitchen furniture in furniture stores and construction markets are of great interest to people trying to arrange a new apartment or renovation. Young people are attracted by their fashionable appearance, often by a low price, sometimes also by the possibility of self-assembly-this is an additional job, but also a few more zlotys in your pocket. In turn, slightly more mature customers appreciate the fact that they can get acquainted with interesting solutions up close, so they hope to avoid not always pleasant surprises.

Fast, cheap, but good?

Unfortunately, the facts are not so positive. First, ready-made furniture makes it difficult to make good use of space. Fitting the available modules into the kitchen plan means having to make a series of compromises. So precious centimeters of shelves and drawers are lost. Individual furniture or equipment falls out in places other than optimal. Sometimes there are problems with ergonomics, which, unfortunately, are usually felt only after a while. And the finished arrangement of furniture in a particular space does not always look as advantageous as on the exhibition.

Carefully designed construction expertly executed by a carpenter allows all these problems to be avoided. It allows you to perfectly match the furniture to the functional needs, even very specific or unusual, as well as to fit them into the most sophisticated aesthetic expectations, which is especially important in the case of such a popular kitchen open to the living room. And when you get a valuation of furniture together with countertops, it may turn out that the price difference between solutions from the catalog and custom-made buildings is not at all large. And certainly not worth giving up everyday comfort for years.

Is it as good as they paint it?

Fashions and tastes are different, but furniture buildings are relatively often varnished. And this solution at first seems extremely tempting. But lacquered fronts, insanely glamorous on the day of Assembly of furniture, not always successfully faced later with heat, steam or fat, and especially with scratches or bruises quite likely in the kitchen.

Due to these limitations of varnishes, it is worth to be interested in REHAU acrylic laminate. It is a strong layer of acrylic, extremely durable and resistant to scratches and mechanical damage. Because it has a perfectly smooth, non-porous surface, and at the same time allows seamless joining of edges in laser technology, it perfectly protects kitchen fronts from water. So it gives a guarantee that the furniture will remain free from scratches, bruises, burrs and blistering. In addition, any stains, greasy deposits and fingerprints from acrylic surfaces are removed extremely easily, thus saving time and energy.

Open, slide, slide

Kitchen furniture is generally associated with traditional doors, but in modern technical implementation increasingly appear drawers. Ordering the body to size allows you to enjoy the advantages of large-format drawers, very deep and wide, with guides prepared even for the weight of tableware or household appliances.

However, it is also worth paying attention to the furniture blinds, so modern closets. They work where more standard fronts would not pass the exam, for example, due to lack of space for movement or a collision with the door to the room. REHAU furniture blinds offer the same finishes as REHAU noble matt frosted fronts, so they form a perfect combination with them – after closing, there are no differences in either color or surface finish. So functionality once again combines with exceptional aesthetics.

To choose, to color

Speaking of finishes… Available on the market varnishes in all shades from the RAL palette promise the realization of the most daring dreams.

The designers of the aforementioned REHAU noble Matt collection are well aware of this. That’s why they offered here a thoughtful, coherent palette of 12 shades that correlate with each other and facilitate the creation of harmonious juxtapositions. The main 8 colors are deep black after dark, anthracite gaslit alley, the whole range of gray – trench coat, Smoke stack and Silver Lake and three variants of white: warmer high low, pinkish capital Starlit and luminous Casa Blanca. The collection of rauvisio noir, inspired by the classics of detective cinema, in addition to these shades offers extremely fashionable, but above all insanely elegant dark green olive detour, vibrant Midnight dash pomegranate, cream Maltese Mist and beige Boxcar blonde.

All these noble shades-completely uniform for fronts, edges and blinds-have been chosen to blend harmoniously with each other and with other colors used in interiors. In addition, excellent UV resistance protects them from discoloration for decades, which allows, for example, to expand the arrangement with new elements even after years. There will not be the slightest differences! And at the same time, modern surfaces from the REHAU noble matt line will invariably delight with a wonderful, deep, velvety matte with magnetic charm – eye-catching and… attracting hands. Fortunately, these surfaces are designed so that they are not conducive to the formation of fingerprints or stains. But more on this in the next article.

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