Kitchen fronts: better gloss or mat? Pros and cons of available solutions

The furniture body with gloss looks chic and fresh, while the one in the deep mat has a modern elegance, and at the same time exudes a certain warmth. However, the choice between them is not just a matter of taste. Both types of finishes are sometimes described by some as practical, by others-on the contrary. Where is the truth? And what kind of fronts to reach for to enjoy equally great visual qualities and the ease of keeping the kitchen in perfect condition for years?

Fronts with gloss have widely known and appreciated advantages. They look chic. They are associated with cleanliness and freshness, which in the kitchen is of particular importance. They also often have a smooth, non-porous surface, which is not conducive to the settling of any dirt, the ingress of stains or the development of microorganisms. However, some fear that on shiny surfaces any impurities are more visible. Is that right? Under the light unfortunately yes. On the other hand, any reflections or reflections of light make the interior more deep-it becomes more optically spacious. This is also a big advantage, especially in a smaller apartment.

And the matte fronts?

Their popularity is constantly growing thanks to the fashion for loft style and minimalism. Without a doubt, they present themselves very modern. Often they have a lot of warmth in them-they encourage you not only to look at them, but also to touch them-which, let’s add, often results in the sight of fingerprints. Here we note that although the popular opinion spots are less visible on them, practitioners do not always share this opinion – popular matte surfaces often reflect light, which causes the same problem as with glossy surfaces. The thing is that, as in the matter of appearance, the functional qualities of fronts and matte, and glossy in principle depend on the method of finishing the surface.

What instead of lacquer and glass

Gloss in kitchen buildings is most often achieved by means of a suitable varnish (e.g. piano type) or a layer of glass. Varnishes allow you to get almost any shade on furniture-this is a great advantage, but also … a threat, which we will talk about later. Unfortunately, they are sensitive to scratches, scratches, dents and scratches. They also do not always protect the furniture board well from hot fumes, splashing grease or water, which can cause the fronts to swell or deform over the years. Much better in this respect has glass, but it turns out to be quite heavy, which forces the use of special hinges. During installation requires the cooperation of a carpenter and a glazier, which generates higher costs. And being hit and bruised creates a risk of injury, especially when there are children or animals in the house.

From the disadvantages of these traditional solutions are free: acrylic laminate and polymer glass. REHAU acrylic laminate is an extremely durable surface and resistant to mechanical damage. Because it is perfectly smooth, and at the same time allows seamless joining of edges in laser technology, it perfectly protects kitchen fronts from the aforementioned hazards. It provides a guarantee that, despite the passage of years, the furniture will not wear scratches, bruises, burrs and blisters.

Gloss or matte-in a unique display

To achieve the effect of high, mirror shine, instead of varnish – unfortunately prone to damage-it is therefore worth choosing a more durable fronts of polymer glass rauvisio crystal. High gloss is also offered by rauvisio brilliant acrylic laminates, available in the following shades of wonderful white, beige and gray, burgundy or violet – what is important, in a package with the advantages of seamless mounting, which firstly gives a fashionable and noble effect of monolithic fronts, and secondly facilitates cleaning.

Those who prefer a mat-but not banal, but velvety and extremely deep-will undoubtedly admire the new collection REHAU noble Matt. Its goal is the complete consistency of shades of furniture fronts, edges and modern furniture blinds. All these elements are available in 8 carefully selected shades. We have here a deep black after dark, anthracite gaslit alley, the whole range of gray – trench coat, Smoke stack and Silver Lake and three variants of white: warmer high low, pinkish Capital Starlit and luminous Casa Blanca. In addition, the rauvisio noir collection, in addition to these shades, offers insanely elegant Olive Detour dark green, Midnight Dash pomegranate, Maltese Mist cream shade and Boxcar Blonde beige. All of them have a timeless nobility, and at the same time they were chosen so as to harmoniously combine with each other, and with other colors used in the interiors. The designers who prepared these palettes consciously tried to eliminate the problems that many customers have when choosing a shade from unlimited patterns.

It is worth emphasizing once again that these modern materials greatly facilitate the maintenance of kitchen furniture in perfect condition, and therefore without traces of everyday life. Thanks to a flat and smooth surface, they do not create annoying leaks or unsightly fingerprints. Only a damp microfiber cloth is sufficient to remove dirt. Thanks to this, the chosen effect-a strong gloss or a deep matte finish-every day for the next years impresses as much as when installing new furniture in the apartment.

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