Lawn as a visiting card of the property

A perfect and well-groomed lawn is definitely the calling card of any property. Thus, if you care about the intense green of the lawn all year round-read our advice.

To get the perfect lawn you need to start by choosing the right quality of grass seeds. On the market there are very diverse species of grasses that are adapted to the different conditions prevailing issued garden. Therefore, before preparing for sowing, it is necessary to determine whether the lawn position is sunny or there is a shadow in it. An important issue is whether the site of the planned lawn is rich in nutrients, and what is the type of soil. Most often, however, we are dealing with poor soils, which also quickly lose rainfall. Therefore, very many lawn owners choose grass intended for dry areas. In addition, sports grasses are also excellent, which are extremely resistant to frequent use, as well as trampling. Therefore, this type of grass is chosen especially in places particularly heavily exploited.

They are also dedicated for families with small children or for owners of quadrupeds. Sowing of grass should be carried out after prior preparation of the soil, for example, using a soil grinder and a roller. Stiga offers a wide range of such tools. After proper preparation of the substrate and feeding it with the necessary nutrients, you can proceed to the sowing of grass seeds.

It is also possible to buy ready-rolled grass as an option, but this is a relatively more expensive investment. New grass requires regular watering, as its root system is still weak enough that it can not cope especially during periods of drought. It is also necessary to ensure that the lawn is regularly trimmed. For this purpose, you can use the lawnmowers available in the Stiga brand.

Regular mowing of the grass makes it much faster to blossom and new stalks appear. In addition, regular cutting of grass prevents it from drying out, as well as aging. Then the grass absorbs water and nutrients from the environment much more efficiently. Before buying a Stiga mower, you should think about the choice in terms of the power supply of the device, as well as its working width. Wider mowers are usually designed for gardens with a larger area. Then self-propelled mowers can also prove useful. In addition to gardens, they can also be used in orchards or public spaces.

During operation of the lawnmower, pay special attention to whether its blades are sharpened. Only then will mowing be effective, while the grass will be perfectly trimmed. A necessary element is also the regular maintenance of oil change in the mower, as well as cleaning the fuel and air filters. In this way, the serviced mower can serve for many years without the need to purchase another model. Stiga mowers are also an excellent choice, which themselves wash the work surface with pressurized water.

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