Narrow bedroom-arrangement. How to decorate a narrow bedroom?

A narrow bedroom is an arrangement challenge for the designer. Let’s find out how to set up a bed in a narrow bedroom and how to use simple interior tricks to visually reduce the dimensions and correct the proportions of the room, called the bedroom type wagon.

Narrow bedroom in the block

Until recently, the rules (§94 of the regulation on the technical conditions to which buildings and their location should correspond) defined the minimum width in terms of the walls of the premises for multi-family buildings. For the bedroom provided for one person, this was a width of 2.2 m; while for a double bedroom-2.7 2019, this provision of the regulation was removed. At the same time, a minimum usable area of 25 m2 was introduced.

The primary market now offers many apartments with a small area, micro-apartments, studio apartments, apartments in which the bedroom is only a separate functional area. On the other hand, investors in apartments in the secondary market, in order to obtain additional space, decide to replace the function of the premises. The former kitchen in the block often becomes an additional, narrow bedroom, while the largest room extended to the neighboring (by demolishing the partition wall) sometimes serves as a living room with a kitchenette.

Narrow bedroom – colorful inspiration

In a narrow bedroom it is worth using bright colors that illuminate and visually increase the space. In this room will be fashionable this season pastel colors-mint gray, blue, powder pink. The wall painted in a darker color gives the impression of being more remote. We can use this to optically correct the proportions of the projection of a narrow, and at the same time a long bedroom. A longer wall-for example, the headboard of the bed, decorated with patterned wallpaper will give the illusion of depth.

Narrow bedroom: arrangements and zoning

One of the basic principles used in interiors is zoning. Zoning is necessary when one room has to perform several functions at the same time. In the case of the bedroom-in addition to the obvious function of sleeping-it can be a storage of bedding, clothes (wardrobe) or in addition: cot of a small child. To separate these features in a narrow bedroom, it is worth introducing vertical divisions on the wall, for example, using two patterns of wallpaper or paint colors. An interesting idea is to create a colored strip of the same width on parallel walls and ceiling. Thanks to this «cut-off» narrow bedroom will not give the impression of a tunnel. An additional piece of furniture that can be found in the bedroom is a toilet. It can take the form of a traditional console supported on a wall-mounted bracket and two or four stylized legs. Placing it near the window (preferably sideways) ensures proper access of light.

How to set up a bed in a narrow bedroom?

The dimensions of most narrow bedrooms allow you to try several design solutions and choose a specific, tailored to our needs. In the case of a window located on a shorter wall, farthest from the entrance to the room, we can set the double bed sideways to the window. The longer wall of the bedroom is then the surface to create a fashionable headboard-upholstered or quilted. The opposite wall can be used to hang an image gallery. This solution has its drawbacks-too little distance from the bed to the wall makes it impossible to comfortably watch movies, but, according to many, the presence of a home theater in the bedroom is incorrect. In the case of a very narrow bedroom, the proposed bed configuration may make it difficult to use. When a double bed occupies the entire width of the bedroom, the person who occupies the next place in the bed does not have free access to it.

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