Outdoor furniture, landscaping terrace and garden : the biggest trends to follow in 2022

Natural materials , or metals modern ? Lightness pastel or rich colors of spring ? A simple design or a touch of fantasy ? The answer is : anything is possible in 2022 ! In this article, we will show you the latest trends in 2022 in the outdoor furniture and landscaping terrace and garden.

What’s new in outdoor furniture for garden and terrace 2022 ?

Are you ready to harness the vast potential of your outdoor space ? So are we. Take a look at these emerging trends of life in the open air for 2022. Some of them are already known from 2021 ; others are newcomers, who, according to the experts, will grow this spring-summer.

The garden furniture made of recycled materials have a new glow

Global issues such as the scarcity of resources and climate change dominate the public discourse as never before, and also influence the things that surround us in everyday life. When buying furniture, there is more emphasis on the sustainability and environmental awareness.

That is why more and more outdoor furniture, made from recycled materials. First of all, the tropical wood such as teak and acacia, which is extracted from old boats and old houses, is recycled for several years in the furniture sector. But the plastic has also recently experienced a «renaissance» green » : helmets of the seat or even furniture garden full is made from plastic collected and processed.

So, if you want to bet on a greater sustainability in thedesign of your terrace, you will find more and more often of the pieces made from recycled raw materials in the course of the next season.

The industrial style now also in the outdoor furniture

The trend offurniture » industrial style » has found its way into the interior space for a long time. In 2022, you’ll discover the simplicity and the language of this simple design, which is inspired by the look of old warehouses, factories and other industrial buildings, also on the terrace.

The interaction of the metal and the wood is typically industrial materials are often stored in what is called the » used look «. Scratches and nicks contribute to the authenticity. During the next season, we will see tables, chairs and benches in metal powder coated black combined with the » old teak «. Executives-slip are typical of the idiom of industrial design. You will also find a number of pieces to frame sled manufacturers famous.

The accessories industry, such as metal shelves powder coated black and the cushions linen coarse or brown leather worn-out, underline the look.

Furniture lined with fabrics coarsely woven

No other material gives the furniture outdoors as much of the look of a living room that the textile. As a «sofa » for the outdoors, the pieces XXL have for many years been an extension of the indoor living space. In addition to the furniture of living room, fully covered with cloth, there is another novelty in terms of textile this season : for the first time, the cushions and covers come in a weaving more coarse – as we have seen that on the upholstered furniture interior.

Table frames extravagant

Four feet, a tea – table is ready. This was the case in the past ! In 2022, we admire the table frames extravagant collections of garden furniture top of the range. The offer ranges of frames to columns minimalist in the middle of the table top to the frames skates manufacturers, through the version unusual » cross «, in which a cross shape at the foot of the furniture.

To choose the right framework, the space required for the legs and of course the look you want-are determinants. With all the feet placed in the middle, you can sit comfortably around the table, but the leg space is somewhat limited. With legs of a table rather fixed on the outer edge of the shelf, you get plenty of space for the legs, but it is difficult to create an extra seat to these places.

Outdoor furniture for the terrace and the garden in pastel shades

Today, more than ever, the outdoor space is designed to be both efficient and comfortable. Accordingly, to be able to unwind and relax in the garden, the tissues and the natural colors are becoming more common. The tone-deaf, such as sage green, cream, cashmere, or beige will be especially popular. Be prepared to see a lot of tones and subtle green, brown and grey, but also of khaki to olive green, ivory and misty grey.

Due to the high proportion of white, pastel shades seem to always be friendly, gentle, and reserved. The more white, the better the tone seems to be deaf. However, garden furniture, pastel still manage to bring subtle color to the terrace and garden. A single bench of the garden or a compact group of seats, that attracts attention, without being too light, can give the outside that little something special.

In addition to the furniture of garden, you can of course dive into your lawn in a palette of delicate colours with accessories. Cushions or decorative objects of pastel shades are ideal to beautify the terrace.

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