Tarpaulin for greenhouse garden : How to easily install it ? Everything you need to know !

The spring and its beautiful resolutions are knocking at our doors. It was time, for the harsh winter we had seemed a little long this year. And if you forgot a little the outbreak of Covid-19 , caring for the garden ? You have already thought about installing a tarp for greenhouse garden ? Because it’s never too late, why not consider upgrading to the act. Why do that ? How to install ? What to do if she flies away ? Do not panic, we deliver all our advice !

What you should know before you install a tarpaulin for greenhouse garden ?

The choice of a covering of the greenhouse appropriate needs attention. To find the one that suits you the best, you must first know your needs and finally, what will be the usefulness of your tarp. In fact, every culture does not require the same demands in terms ofthermal insulation , or brightness. And if you helped a little to make your choice ?

Why install a tarp ?

To protect your treasures from garden of the weather ! In fact, the tarp for greenhouse garden allows you to grow different types of plants to ornaments, fruits and vegetables free from all kinds of weather. Similarly, it you will keep it free from the attack to discrete pest species that would try to nibble on your plans.

Which to choose ?

Keep in mind that there is a regulation for the greenhouse garden. In this title, a permit planning is necessary for the greenhouses in the area of which is greater than 5 m2. Several types of emissions, traditional, tunnel, mini-greenhouse or leaning are present on the market. Similarly, there are also several types of coating of the greenhouse, the flexible film, glass, and plastic. It is with this material that we recommend.

Note that a tarpaulin greenhouse installed must perfectly fit the shape of the structure. To facilitate the task, wait while the climatic conditions are mild to install your tarp. So wait until the spring and an outside temperature of between 10 degrees and 25 degrees. In fact, the higher the temperature is, the larger the tarp relaxes. The elasticity of tarp allows normal good positioning on the greenhouse. Be sure to check the weather before you begin the installation of your tarp for greenhouse garden.

How to install in 2 simple steps

First of all, it is necessary to tighten the tarp. In fact, the more a tarp is stretched, the less she was floating due to the wind. In addition, in this way, you will increase its life span. This operation depends on the shape of the structure, but also of the attachment system chosen. For a voltage of more perfect, do not hesitate to ask a professional gardening.

To do this, we recommend that you take the time to do it in two times. On the first day, you can install your tarpaulin greenhouse in a trench, about 30 cm in height and width. Then, replace the earth removed on the tarp and pull it to the poles with clips or strings. The next day, you will only have to finish the job by asking the tarp. Make sure that it fits perfectly to the shape of the structure. Simple right ?

How to prevent your tarp for greenhouse garden flies ?

To maximise its life span and efficiency in the face of inclement weather, some precautions are necessary to preserve it. Here are our tips on a case-by-case basis :

  • In the case of wind, the covering of the greenhouse should be buried in a trench with the technique of the hem which is a block and keeps the greenhouse to the ground.
  • In the Face of the snow, don’t wait for the accumulation and déneigez regularly to prevent sagging.
  • Against UV toast plantations, drop a anti-UV film on the cover of the greenhouse to protect it

And in the event of a storm ?

It depends on your contract of insurance. As a general rule, a guarantee of storm supports the consequences of disturbing the action of the wind on your immovable or movable property. However, some insurance companies exclude this type of guarantee for lightweight constructions such as greenhouses and hotbeds greenhouse.

To find out if your plants, and your emissions are guaranteed to storms, you need to study the extent of coverage provided for in your contract of insurance household. Make sure the grain, because a tarp flies can cause a damage to your goods, e.g. the damage of your greenhouse or cultures that were housed below.

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