Trends 2022: fashionable dining room. Multifunctional space in a new version

The dining room is a place where we not only eat, but also work, study and spend time with the household. How to decorate it with taste in 2022? What trends can we expect and how, according to designers, will look fashionable dining room in 2022? We checked!

Fashionable dining room 2022: unites or divides?

Until now, in construction and interior design, there was a fashion for combining rooms, especially the living room with the kitchen. The dining room was the space that connected these two important places in the house, providing a seamless transition between them.

During the pandemic, mainly due to the new model of remote work increased the demand for space allocation and increased privacy. Our living rooms and dining rooms slowly turned into home offices and places for study, which did not remain, which was reflected in the arrangement of space/interiors and…. the pandemic has had (and continues to have) a huge impact on interior design, space design and responds to current needs

During the Pandemic, there were two trends in the formation of space: the first, which still originates from the pandemic reality, where the rooms were supposed to form one interconnected whole, which reflected merge living room with kitchen and dining room.

The second, educated already during the pandemic, is its opposite. In a house where the whole family lives at the same time-working and studying, the living room or dining room has to take over the function of an office or a place to study-so there is a growing need for privacy and a separate, enclosed space.

And I looks dining room in 2022? It depends on our needs, the size and functional layout of the apartment (or house). In 2022, the dining room will be primarily a multifunctional space, separated from the kitchen and living room, but not fully autonomous-it will still provide a comfortable contact with the household and the rest of the apartment, but at the same time it will be a place where we can work, study and eat in peace.

Dining room 2022: inspiration, colors, themes

What will the fashionable dining room look like in 2022? In one variant: there is a calm and harmony of delicate shades-neutral beige, white, as well as subtle pastels prevail in it. Colors do not disturb harmony, do not overwhelm space, promote concentration and act soothing-facilitating work and learning.

But the dining rooms of 2022 are not just minimalist, bright rooms. An interesting trend that will be noticed in the interiors in 2022 is the accumulation of strong colors and patterns (surreal, floristic, plant), most often in the form of wallpaper. This type of wall decoration can be an interesting alternative to minimalism and in an unusual way enliven the dining area. If we care about the design of the dining room «with a claw», lining the walls with patterned wallpaper will be an excellent idea.

Since the eco style will still have a strong influence on the interior design in 2022, the dining room will also be able to be decorated with natural materials (e.g. wooden slats on the walls), plant motifs and earth colors, i.e. beige, brown, green and brick orange.

Trends 2022: floor in the dining room

A strong trend in 2022 will be bright floors, primarily made of wood or wood-like materials. A parquet made of bright boards arranged in an effective yodel or other interesting composition will not only present itself in the dining room in a phenomenal way, but also visually increase it, as well as brighten it. To enhance this effect, we can, for example, opt for the same flooring material in the dining room, kitchen and living room-the unification of the surface will make the whole space gain in the eye a few square meters.

Of course, in the dining room we can put on the floor high-quality tiles in light shades, but natural wood much better warms the space and brings into it a cozy, homely atmosphere.

Fashionable dining room 2022: furniture

Dining room 2022 puts on the table: solid, preferably wooden and with a round or round shape. In 2022, we will move away from angular, sharp surfaces in favor of subtle, delicate and soothing curves. This trend will be best seen in furniture, so when decorating a fashionable dining room in 2022, it is worth keeping this in mind.

Lighting in the dining room

The fashion for roundness in 2022 will also be seen in lighting. Spherical lampshades made of glass or metal will fit into the interiors decorated in a modern, industrial and minimalist style, while jute, straw or twine cloths will perfectly decorate the dining room in the style of eco and boho. The offer of shops with lighting is now so diverse that we can easily find an interesting lamp that fits perfectly into our dining room!

What is worth remembering when buying a lamp for the dining room in 2022? In dining rooms, the top, central light located just above the table is best suited. The lamp should be low enough to well illuminate the table, but at the same time do not interfere and do not «fall into our plate».

Fashionable dining room 2022: additions

In the last two years, we have spent a significant part of our time within our own four walls. This allowed us to take a closer look at the interiors and the way they are arranged. Richer in knowledge and experience, we know what suits us in the decorated interiors and what does not. What we like, and what solutions do not work in our apartments.

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