We build a brick gazebo from a shoe or building blocks

Arrange a place for barbecue near the house or in the country.Almost all homeowners think about it.The question is how to do it.If you like capital buildings — your choice is a brick or stone gazebo.They are built on the same project, the whole difference in the way of masonry.According to the same rules, arbors are also built from foam blocks or other building blocks.They are cheaper, but in the construction of such materials it will be necessary to finish inside and out.Most often, the gazebo is built of brick: today it is in a wide variety with a variety of textures and colors, has good technical characteristics and does not require additional maintenance.

When planning such a construction, you should understand that you will need to create a solid foundation.These are not wooden gazebos, nor metal ones that can stand on bricks or even on the ground.If the gazebo is open — only the pillars on which the roof is installed, there will be enough foundation for the pillars (columnar or pile, but also tape).if the railing is made of stone (at least part of the height), a strip Foundation will already be needed, additionally reinforced (depth is 20-30 cm below the fertile layer, width is about 20 cm, two turns of reinforcement reinforced board with a thickness of at least 150 mm, but you need to consider it — it depends on the soil.Basically about how prone it is to lifting.And only afterthe Foundation will be ready, the construction of the brick (stone) gazebo itself will begin.

If there will be a gazebo with a barbecue or barbecue, a separate one is necessary for it základ.Je incompatible with the foundation of the building (it should not have contact points).Monolithic reinforced slab is made under a brick brazier and nothing else: even a small one requires about 800 bricks, and if it is angular, the bill goes to thousands.

What is

The building material is selected based on the appearance of the remaining buildings on the site.The same determines the choice of roofing material.And the shape and texture can be anything.

Most often, gazebos made of stone and brick are rectangular in shape: they are usually located on the border of the plot, so they are located along it.Very well in the corner become Square or rectangular vzory.Pro the greater the atmosphere, the two sides, which will be directed to neighboring areas, are fixed.

Pure stone shanks and even closed arches are rare.This is a summer kitchen, not a gazebo.If necessary, the insect fence is made of mosquito nets, for a more comfortable environment, they can hang translucent curtains that will be closed from insects and from curious očima.Pro winter holiday is sometimes installed glazing.It turns out that there is already a separate kitchen, if there is a barbecue or barbecue in the gazebo.Glazing is carried out as usual: wooden frames or double-glazed windows, less oftenpolycarbonate, but it is also quite convenient, it also has less thermal conductivity compared to simple glazing.

Often combined with wood.Both brick and stone look good with them.They also produce metal railings openwork, the combination with polycarbonate is less common.

How to build a gazebo with your own hands

We describe the step-bystep algorithm for building a gazebo made of brick or stone:

A place is being prepared.The fertile layer is removed, the pit is leveled.
Work is underway on the foundation.The type of foundation can be any, so there is no way to describe it in detail.
Waterproofing is laid on the finished foundation.Previously used roofing material in two layers.Now it is, but it is better to take something from modern materials: modern roofing material will simply crumble in three to four years.You can use bitumen mastic (lubricate twice).This will cut off most of the moisture that the concrete will pull out of the soil.

First, the pillars are pushed out and covered with a roof

Columns are made of brick or stone.They can be driven out only at a certain distance from the floor, and can stretch to the rafter system itself.In 95% of cases, wood is attached to such columns: a continuation of columns or tying under the rafters.And if you can also lay the waterproofing on top of the column, then you can not do it on short bars.It makes no sense to build them in a column: brick is a very hygroscopic material.During the rain, it will draw moisture, if not from the soil, from the air.The tree will get wet from it, which in winter will lead to the fact that the wood will simply break.To prevent this from happening, they attach the corner to the post, which one should vyčnívat.Na the ends of the bar or log make an incision of the appropriate shape and put the stand on the corner.Instead of a corner there can be three pins, you can also come up with some kind of metal holder, only with one that will not spoil the appearance.
After the columns are brought to the desired height, the upper strip of wood is carried out.
The rafter system is mounted.Rafters are attached to the bar of the upper harness.
A bar is stuffed on the rafters.In order not to hem the ceiling, it is done continuously, regardless of the type of roofing material.Open beams lined with a square board or shingle are even an ornament.

Beam and sheathing inside the gazebo look beautiful

A roof covering is mounted on the crate.
If the gazebo is intended for barbecue or barbecue and is to be built brick, it is built at this stage.

This pan took more than one and a half thousand bricks

If the project provides for this, the walls are being built and the railing is being built.

In this project, the walls were made of foam concrete: it is light and does not create a large overload on one side, then it was coated with a torn stone

This turned out as a result of all efforts: the capital turned out to be a gazebo

Paul can be prepared right away on a prepared basis.It depends on what material.If a tile or wild stone is laid on the plate, you can put it right after the columns and walls are pushed out.If it is a wooden floor, it is better to lay it last, so as not to stain.And one more thing: under the roof is already somehow protected from the rain.

Another explanation about wood: immediately after you bring it and go with a grinder (if necessary), it must be treated with an antiseptic.Only in this case it will not darken during construction work.The exception is canned dřevo.Je processed in a factory with a similar composition in special chambers.

There must be any shape of a mandrel made of bricks, bricks and columns.And they must be able to spread.How to do it-watch in the video.

What else may be needed is how to put the pan.Simply, without arches and other intricate details, you can easily add up, without having extensive experience in working with bricks.An example is in the video.

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