Classic style in the interior

The classic style of space design originated in the 17th century. century.Then the palaces of kings and nobles were designed in this way.And today it is a style of wealth and prosperity, elegance and luxury.Immediately it must be said that it is realized only in spacious rooms of regular (or almost regular) shape with high ceilings.The design of the apartment in the classical style is characterized by the right proportions, a small number of accessories, a restrained color scheme.

The style is based on ancient Greek culture, the influence of which can be traced in the most characteristic details-columns, pilasters, arches, sockets, sculptures.Everything is governed by certain rules, no chaos, everything is strictly planned, symmetrically located.All objects and decor elements are proportional, made of natural expensive materials-expensive wood, marble, silk and velvet, well-made leather.

Proportionality, careful planning, expensive materials — this is the basis of the classical style in the interior

All or almost all are performed in a restrained color scheme-white, beige as a basis, and ontheir background is blue, green, terracotta, noble shades of red, some elements of black and, of course, gilded.Complementary colors-in the city itself or inaccompanied by gilding and black.No variegation and multicolored.

Color design — white and beige as the basic colors and blue, green red — as additional, plus gilding

Wall decoration-smooth or with a weak repeating pattern-monograms, stripes, floral motifs.Accordingly, the choice of finishing materials-expensive wallpaper, decorative plaster or painting.

The floor is simply wooden from expensive wood or parquet, and decorative or palace parquet — mosaics and panels with plant motifs from different types of wood.Acceptable, but at us rarely, marble floors with an insert and ornaments are used.As an alternative to marble, one can consider bulk floors that look similar to marble.

The floors in the classic design of the apartment are also classic — art parquet or marble, as an option — flooded floors

Particular attention is paid to the ceiling.It rarely remains smooth.If we talk about traditions-this is the division of the ceiling into squares framed with stucco.

The ceiling in the classical style rarely remains flat

If you pay tribute to modern traditions, then modern multi-level ceilings are created.They can be made of plasterboard, or they can be combined with stretch ceilings.In any case, the structures are multi-layered and symmetrical.

As an additional element of decor, mirrors are used, sometimes opposite tofloor walls.Mirrors can be printed with gilding-for greater effect, or they can be used as mirror tiles.

Mirrors are one of the main accessories

When designing an apartment in a classical style, do not forget about lighting.In the center of the room is placed a chandelier with a large number of pendants.Most often they are made of crystal.The rest of the lighting can be a perimeter ceiling (built-in lights), made with the help of wall sconces and other wall lamps.

A massive crystal chandelier is almost a necessary attribute of the classical style in the interior

You probably already noticed that the furniture in the classical design is solid, expensive.Simple lines, classic shapes, correct proporce.Je placed symmetrically in strict order and harmony.There are no unnecessary items, only necessary, accessories-a minimum.The main emphasis is on the quality of materials and finishes.

Window decoration plays a significant role in creating an interior.Classic curtains are made of heavy fabrics and create beautiful draperies.Lambrequins are suitable for this interior.They add extra splendor to the interior.

Curtains made of heavy material with a lot of folds

All these components create the design of the apartment in a classic style.And now we will separately consider the design features of each room.

Now a little about the layout.If you are thinking of building a house or making major repairs in an apartment and you like the classical style, then the most suitable layout option isthe central room, from which you can get to all the others.Such a layout is rarely found, but it is most convenient for this style.The central room can be square or round (remember that the shape of the rooms must be regular or almost right).It can be considered a living room-the most convenient functional purpose of the passage.

Hallway in the classical style

At the door begins the house or byt.Pro interior in the classical style, the doors should also be classic, quality.From wood or metal-it’s not so important, the main attention is paid precisely to quality characteristics, as well as when choosing all other components of the interior.Choose the color of the rhinestones from those that will be present in the design-nothing should be accidental.

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