Country house: layout and interior design

Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, we go to the countryside-to rest.Accordingly, the interiors of country houses and cottages should differ from urban design: you need coziness, comfort, a sense of stability and reliability.

Wooden fashion has recently returned toat home: the atmosphere in them is completely different, easier to breathe, better sleep.Who does not believe-check-ask to visit someone in a wooden house.Feel the difference.Light up, and you want to have such a house, even the hassle of caring for it is no longer so scary.

Development and interior design of wooden houses-from logs and beams-is one of the most interesting and complex areas: the tree itself is beautiful, but a large number can be tiring.In some rooms it is necessary to paint the walls in tones that are not characteristic of wood, thereby diluting a certain uniformity of the design of walls, ceiling and floor.

As you noticed, even the treated walls have matte barvy.Ve in a country house, all interiors are calm, contribute to relaxation and contribute to relaxation.

With fireplace

A cottage without a fireplace is not characteristic.Although small, electric, but there is.And more often, because the area usually allows you to stack full fireplaces.Then it is they who dominate the design of this room.And the design can be different-in the classic Scandinavian style.The male half likes rooms decorated in the style of a hunting lodge.

And if there is a fireplace, it is more convenient and safer to lay it with a stone.In addition, the combination of wood and inspires us on a subconscious level with a sense of stability.I like to spend my evenings in rooms like this.

Rustic style

Rustic style is just a godsend for a wooden house.If you like the interiors of» starched», of course.The purpose is to emphasize the natural beauty of materials, without hiding its shortcomings.In such an interior there is no place for plasterboard or glossy ceilings.In some ways, this is reflected in the country style, or in Russian, but it has differences-it emphasized the brutality and protruding natural imperfection of materials.

Everyone knows that perfectly flat trees neexistují.Je amazing to emphasize the tinted irregularities and recesses, using them as supporting beams of the ceiling.You can line it with the same imperfect deskami.Je it is also known that wood without treatment is blue and tmavší.Je this, too, fearless: there is also a gross attraction in it.However, the room is definitely environmentally friendly: no chemical impregnation.


Classics in design and interior design is always in trend.A win-win option that gives a modern sound, which can be a couple of minor touches and changes.This style is also characterized by natural materials and colors, but everything should be sustained in the colors of the same gamut, with some matte accents.Therefore, these interiors are not» uncomfortable » — calm and soothing.

The classical style is characterized by the presence of a certain center around which the rest of the interior is built.In the dining room it is usually a table, in the living room there is a sofa or a fireplace with armchairs.The pursuit of symmetry and preservation of proportions in everything is also characteristic: two curbs on the sides of the doors, symmetrical and clear arrangement of seats, etc. lighting usually has several «levels»: a general ceiling, wall lamps and lamps on tables, stands, etc.

Furniture for the classical style is expensive and solid, textiles are few and also expensive.In general, the interiors of country houses and cottages can be characterized as stability, prosperity and luxury.

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