How to decorate a bathroom in length? Pro tips to turn flaws into assets

Bathrooms of small size or unusual shape are always difficult to decorate. But if you want our opinion, the bathroom in length is the biggest challenge. Although there are many tricks for adapting to a narrow space, trying to get all the necessary objects into it, while maintaining a comfortable passage and creating a cozy atmosphere, can turn out to be a really complicated task. However, with a little advance planning and a good layout, even a long room can look great.

Successful decor ideas for a bathroom in length

A long and narrow bathroom may seem small and closed. Even if you can not change the actual size of the room, you can make it more open and spacious. By eliminating clutter and minimizing accessories, you will give the impression that a well-appointed and decorated space. The colors, textures and patterns used to beautify the bathroom can create the visual illusion of width and balance. Follow these essential tips to succeed in the mission!

Stick to one side only

Bathrooms with all appliances on one side may look unbalanced, so it’s important to arrange them in a way that is visually interesting from different points of the room.In a bathroom in length, there may not be enough space to do anything other than place all your furniture against a wall. Leaving the opposite side open is sometimes the only way to have a clear passage. But if this layout is a little weird, paying attention to the visual focal points of your room, can make a big difference in the overall impression.

Focus on what you will see when you open the door. If the door is located on the long side of the bathroom, it should open directly to an important element of the design, such as a freestanding bathtub or the vanity unit. It is indeed at the ends of a long surface that you will have the opportunity to work, so place your largest objects there and make sure that they are attractive to look at along the entire length of the space.

How to decorate the walls and ceiling of a bathroom in length?

Light colors like beige, white, gray or pastels tend to make a room look larger. Apply a paint color two or three shades darker than that of the small wall at the end of a long and narrow bathroom. The darker shade gives the impression that the end wall is receding, creating the illusion of width. Hang a work of art on it as a focal point.

Color the ceiling white to make it look higher. Another option is to choose a ceiling color that is two or three shades lighter than the one on the longest wall.Hang a single large mirror on a wall in front of a window to get a scenic reflection that helps to enlarge the room. Avoid hanging a number of small mirrors. This can create confusing spatial illusions.

Decoration ideas for windows

The natural light that comes through the windows makes it possible to illuminate a long and narrow bathroom and make it more open. Remove the existing window covers and clean the windows to allow a sparkling view of the outside. Avoid rooms designed to be hung outside the window frame, such as curtains; they take up additional space on the walls and make a bathroom in length even narrower.

The window film is ideal for providing an unobstructed view of the outside, protecting from ultraviolet rays and ensuring privacy. It also does not take up physical space in your long and narrow bathroom. White wooden blinds with 2-inch slats are designed to perfectly fit the frame, while at the same time allowing you to change the direction and amount of natural light with a simple flick of the wand. The natural woven bamboo blinds can be customized to be hung inside your window frame and add a chic element to your small space

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