Spinning balcony arrangement: the best ideas for beautifying the outdoor space

As spring is just around the corner, it’s time to plan the beautification of your balcony, big or small. Without further ado, discover fresh ideas for decorating a spinning balcony in order to spend beautiful moments there this summer.

Arrangement of spinning balcony: the power of greenbelow, first of all, that in addition to furniture, there are other elements that can contribute to the beautification of the balcony. The plants are perfect to spice up this space. So don’t underestimate the greenery — potted plants are your best allies when it comes to balcony decoration. Indeed, greenery can beautify every space. Remember that even if your balcony is very small, you can create a vertical garden or even hang the pots on the ceiling so that the greenery cascades out of it. This will bring visual interest to your outdoor space. What’s more, it is the easiest way of decoration for which you can opt!

What plants for a cocooning balcony decoration?

Flowers like geraniums and begonias, hardy plants like bamboo and fresh herbs all thrive on balconies or in gardens. The list of outdoor planes is long. Just keep in mind the hardiness zone of your area and the amount of light on your balcony before choosing your plants.

Which plant is a balcony shade?

Do not forget that some plants can guarantee you privacy thanks to their ability to provide a natural breakwater. Tall or climbing plants and shrubs are excellent solutions. Note that bamboo is a fast-growing plant and can prevent curious glances from neighbors. You can also bet on break screens of different materials that you can make yourself.Decorating ideas for arranging a narrow balcony No matter how small, your balcony can turn out to be a wonderful oasis where you can enjoy sunny days with your friends, sipping a refreshing iced coffee. To do this, you will need a coffee table and at least one chair. For small spaces, it is better to opt for furniture that folds easily so that it can be stored if necessary. Consider optimizing the space with the help of an integrated bench seat. In addition, this way you will never have to worry about strong winds that can topple your furniture. Take into account that there is no need to invest in expensive outdoor furniture. Get colorful and comfortable floor cushions that can do double duty.

Decorating your balcony with a floweringdo not forget about the essential role of decorative objects. Improve the appearance of your balcony with the help of a carpet and works of art. You just have to make sure that they are weatherproof. Note that artificial light sources can also be part of the decoration in addition to providing light for evenings with friends. Opt for a pendant light, outdoor wall lamps, fairy lights or outdoor lanterns that will add a romantic and cozy touch to the space.

Arranging a small balcony in lengthin order to give a look similar to a holiday nest, consider getting yourself a hanging chair for outdoor or a hammock. If you are running out of space, try to install furniture that can be stored or folded when not in use. Do not forget that you can add ottomans so that you always have extra seats. If you want to soak up the sun or snuggle up with a book in your hands, consider installing a deck chair on your balcony.

How to shelter your balcony from the rain?Enjoy your outdoor space in any weather, opting for a retractable fabric awning that will protect you whether it’s sunny or raining. Do not hesitate to bet on a classic stripe or on a bold color to make your balcony stand out. Do not forget that you can opt for outdoor or bamboo blinds that go very well with ethnic decor. Note that the glass curtains, installed along the balcony wall, can open in hot weather and close in rainy weather.

Garden furniture for narrow and long balconies, show that there are balcony furniture specially designed for small outdoor areas. With such furniture, you can enjoy your outdoor space while having enough space. You can bring a small conversation set, consisting of two patio chairs and a side table where you can put your drinks. While most of these types of sets can accommodate two people, there are variants that are suitable for a larger number of people. If you feel like having your meals on the terrace, opt for a patio bistro set. Do not forget that outdoor benches are also an excellent option for accommodating several people. Multifunctional storage cabinets create a double-function seating area and are perfect for narrow balconies.

How to visually enlarge a balcony?To visually enlarge your balcony, rely on custom-made furniture designed specifically for your outdoor space. If your budget is limited, consider betting on multifunctional furniture and optimizing space, hanging shelves and pots on the walls. Do not forget that you can create focal points in different places, combine light and dark colors and use furniture with legs in order to visually enlarge your balcony.What floor for a small balcony?Take into account that the floor on your balcony greatly contributes to its appearance. Synthetic grass is one of the best floor coverings for balconies because it can last for years and makes every outdoor space more natural. Bet on a wooden floor for your terrace to add a look that is not only natural but also elegant and attractive.

One of the smartest balcony flooring ideas is to cover the floor with a carpet. In addition, the carpets are attractive and can complement your decor. Wooden terrace slabs are another great way to coat the balcony floor. They harmonize perfectly with patio furniture and plants. You can also opt for tiling.

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