Studio: interior design

Studio — this type of housing appeared not so long ago, but the demand for it is stable.These apartments are mainly bought by young people.There are two reasons.First, they do not need many rooms and are much more convenient when everything is in sight and sitting at the table in the kitchen, you can watch a movie or control the music center.The second reason is economic in nature: the price per square meter in studio apartments is lower than in standard apartments with sections of the same velikosti.Je this is understandable: fewer walls, less material and práce.Je also attractive that the design of the studio can be made in the most innovative style: the absence of partitions and doors gives more space for the implementation of the most daring ideas and innovative solutions.

One space is good because it can be arbitrarily rozdělit.Pro for convenience, we need three zones: kitchen-dining room, recreation area and working.Since, in addition to the outer walls, there are also only those walls in the bathroom, you need to select them using other methods.Designers for zoning use:

  • furniture,
  • light partitions (plasterboard, furniture shelves, openwork glass, glass, etc.),
  • separation of color and texture of walls,
  • level and material of floor and ceiling.

All these methods can be combined or used separately.The choice seems to be malá.Ve in fact, it’s huge.For example, light partitions.It can be a plasterboard construction.It can start at one of the walls and literally separate the two zones.

One of the options for zoning with plasterboard partitions

The second option-the partition is in the middle of the room, and also quite clearly indicates different zones.But in this case it is light, translucent, not «loading» space.
Crossbar of nonlinear form with illumination.The zone is separated, the space remains unified

Another version of the partition, which is in the center of the studio, but at the same time harmoniously looks and does not divide it into cells at all.Probably, the point is that the sofa fits well, and the walls are light.
In many cases, the septum is not made on strop.Je opaque, but it does not completely separate one zone from another, separating them with a wall.
The partition does not reach the ceiling.It allows you to put something or hang it, but still leaves the whole room unified

There are many, many options and variations.Partitions can be openwork, glass, mirror.It can be shelves from floor to ceilingwhich are books, some decorative trifles.Japanese curtains very well divide the zones.They are practically weightless, they can move and move separately.They are made of fabric, just at the top and bottom in a specially stitched drawstring, which will put a rod that pulls the fabric, making it rigid.

Probably, it would be appropriate if you make the design of the atelier yourself, first using curtains.This is the most mobile and inexpensive way that will make it easier to change everything if you decide to swap zones or change their area.When everything is completed and you understand what is convenient for you, it will be possible to place some more serious partitions in these places, if you wish.
In the following photos there are several interesting ideas for dividing the studio apartment into zones..

Furnishing and decoration of the kitchen space in the studio is perhaps the most difficulttask.Since there are no partitions, without a powerful hood, all odors and soot will spread unhindered.Therefore, this technique must be of good quality.Another point: since everything is in sight, there should not be anything on the shelves.Everything is laid out in cabinets and drawers, which should be hodně.Pro rational arrangement of space makes sense to use storage systems and modern sliding shelves, which allow the use of corners or cabinets up to the ceiling (corner and lowering shelves).

Most often, the floor rises in kuchyni.To is another factor that allows you to delimit the room.Although from a practical point of view it is convenient that the rest of the room is raised-less garbage will be used.If the interior is designed for one person, it is not so important: in these cases, they are prepared a little and at times.But for a young family this can be an important factor.

Decoration for small studio apartments

If the studio apartment is small-20-30 squares-so that it is not cluttered, you have to resort to tricks.The first is to use the table as a zone separator.It can be executed in the form of a bar, it can be equipped in such a way that there are many drawers on the side of the kitchen, and chairs on the side of the room.After that, depending on the situation, it can be used both for cooking and as a dining table.

If there are enough surfaces for cooking, you can put a small dining table on the separator.If necessary, more people will fit behind it, which is important if relatives and friends visit from time to time.
An important point: when choosing appliances for the kitchen in a studio apartment, you will have to think not only about how well it fitsto the interior, which in itself is already important.You will have to choose quiet or at least producing minimal hluk.Je it is unlikely that you will want to sleep under the whirring of the refrigerator.By the way, you can disguise it as a closet or buy a built-in.

If the room is long and narrow, you will have to enter all the furniture in a different way.In this case, there will be two lockers, the back side will serve as a partition or table, and one of the ends will serve as an entrance.
Kitchen in spacious studios

If the studio apartment has an area of 40 square meters or more, you can fence the kitchen area with a more solid partition.It should not be massive, but rather airy.Smooth rounded lines look best in these cases.And if you correctly beat it also on the wall, the effect is very interesting (see photo).

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