Bathroom design without windows — many beautiful ideas

Windows in the bathroom play a very important role. They provide natural light, fresh air and comfort. In the small bathroom, the lack of windows can be a determining factor for our comfort and for its aesthetics. In this article, we are going to show you our wonderful ideas for bathroom layout without windows. You will see that this process can be a lot of fun and not so much difficult and complicated. There are a few tricks thanks to which you will make your small bathroom without windows look more airy and larger.

Bathroom design without windows — stylish and inspiring ideas

One of the key moments that concerns the layout of the bathroom – small or large – is the saving of space and the storage of accessories. Wall shelves are a good option. The baskets above the sink are very convenient. Opt for light colors for the walls. They will make the atmosphere more pleasant and elegant. Avoid dark shades because they will make the space even more restricted.

Bathroom layout without windows — how to optically enlarge it

The key is light. A lot of LED spotlights, wall sconces and pendant lights — they are all perfect for the small bathroom. A large mirror in the bathroom will give it a more spacious look. The glossy finish is ideal to make the space more elegant. The small bathroom is a challenge but, thanks to our practical advice, the layout of yours will be easy and elegant.

Decorative trompe l’oeil panels to create the illusion of a superb panorama

Bathroom-furniture-without-windows — white-tile-and-gray-marblemanagement-bathroom-without-windows-white-marble-gray

Light and elegant bathroom without windows, decorated in beige

White sanitary ware in the bathroom in coral colorfitting-bathroom-tile-coral-mosaic

Graphite and white tiles, suspended vanity unit and storage nichemenagement-bathroom-tiles-gray-floral-patterns bathroom layout

Wood accents in the bathroom stylishfurniture-bathroom-sink-round-table-wood-wallpaper-bathroom arrangement

Elegant suspensions and wooden vanity unit in the bathroomfurniture-bathroom-suspensions-vanity unit-wood-bathtub bathroom layout

Bathroom layout with bathtub shower and large mirrorwain-room-layout-wall-covering-appearance-wood bathroom layout

Black and white mosaic in the small bathroomfurniture-bathroom-mosaic-black-white-washbasin-elegant bathroom layout

Arrangement bathroom without windows with mosaic in bordeauxaménagement-bathroom-mosaique-bordeaux-washbasin-white arrangement bathroom

Large mirror in the small bathroom in white and bluemanagement-bathroom-mosaic-blue-cabin-shower bathroom layout

Elegant mosaic and hanging bowl in the bathroomfurniture-bathroom-mosaique-baignoire-cuvette-suspendu bathroom arrangement

Elegant windowless bathroom with wooden accentsfurniture-bathroom-vanity-cabinet-wood-paril-glass-mosaic bathroom layout

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