Bohemian cuisine: the trend of 2022? Here are 4 practical ideas for a sublime decoration!

What is the bohemian style when it comes to decorating and arranging its interior? Bohemians were painters, writers and musicians who lived and created art in the 19ᵉ century. The cultural center was Paris. They lived by their own rules and never complied with the norms and expectations of society. Now, when it comes to design, it’s basically the same concept. There are no special rules to apply, such as industrial cooking or rustic cooking. Here the style is what you want it to be. Today, interior design magazines have appropriated this style and have created many more categories to adapt to the makeover of bohemian cuisine. However, this does not mean that you have to blindly buy all the sets that they present. Rather, you should consider them as an inspiration for an already wonderful notion.

Bohemian kitchen decor trend: get inspired!

You’ve heard the expression «less is more» before, haven’t you? Well, here we say «more is more»! The more personal items that contain important and dear memories in your eyes, the more your kitchen will have this boho style. The decor can be as simple or as complicated as you like. If you are a fan of the hygge trend and you like cocooning decoration, or even if you are a minimalist, you can also follow our tips! The DV team wants to present you with four wonderful and diverse ideas for your kitchen. Want to try something new this year? Redevelopment and decoration seem like heaven to you? Then you have come to the right place! Get on board and let yourself be seduced by the bohemian style kitchen decoration ideas!

Bohemian kitchen wood

Decorating with wood is a fantastic idea. The wood gives an impression of warmth and privacy to a house and it is very durable! Much more durable than laminate, although the latter is more affordable. Not everything should be wooden, however, a slight contrast can beautifully flatter the whole look. For example: wooden walls are an excellent and simple idea. They recall the rustic style of a kitchen that has been at the forefront of trends in recent years. White worktops can complement light wood very well and give your bohemian kitchen a finished look. Don’t forget to add your favorite decorations like statuettes and flowers in an eclectic order.

Scandinavian bohemian cuisine

The hygge trend has caused an outcry around the world. Spreading like wildfire, we are sure that each of us knows at least one person who is obsessed with pampering decoration. This style is simple and clean. Use pastel colors and whites and throw a few carpets of neutral colors on the floor. A huge bonus is to use thin blankets on the chairs or at least put a cushion on it. The macrame decor and the dried flowers are also a nice touch that only reinforces the hygge style.

Minimalist kitchen

The minimalist decoration is a little similar to the cocooning decoration. Minimalist interior design is very close to modern decor and consists in using the bare necessities to create a simple space. In fact, it is characterized by simplicity, clean lines and colors used as accents. It usually combines an open floor plan, lots of light and functional furniture and it focuses on the shape, color and texture of a handful of essential elements. If you look at the photo, there is no mess on the worktops, only the most important kitchen appliances. However, adding a personal touch like small drawings and flowers can really brighten up the place. Similarly, playing with the color palette to add contrast is a must.

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