Modern bathroom furniture gorgeous photos!

Look at the models of trendy cabinets and columns, modern under-sink furniture and even ideas about tiling and sanitary ware. What are the fashionable colors that would bring an elegant touch to any bathroom? Is it necessary to decorate the modern bathroom? How to combine the different elements? Find the answers below, as well as many other inspiring ideas that will help you perfect the design of your bathroom!

Bathroom furniture — what are the trends?

The modern vanity unit is very versatile. Some models open a bright world in front of us, others offer an elegant matte finish; there are designs that opt for rounded shapes, others- for geometric shapes and straight lines. Do not miss that the vibrant and saturated colors are as trendy as the natural tones and finishes that imitate wood and other natural materials. Olive or burgundy green, salmon orange or wine red, black and white graphic style- everything will work if you opt for pure design with a futuristic touch. And although we sometimes observe furniture on legs, the trends are towards the lack of contact with the floor. Opt for wall-mounted bathroom furniture and a basin and you’re not going to go wrong!

Bathroom furniture – which column to choose?

Columns are also most often suspended. They also come in several different colors and, of course, with frosted glass doors. Do not forget that this is a functional piece of furniture that must provide enough storage, so do not sacrifice its practicality for its appearance. Choose a large rectangular or square mirror with built-in lighting to enhance the modern look of bathroom furniture. As for the decoration- in ultra-modern designs it is almost absent, or reduced to a minimum. However, if you find it essential, add one or two small details that are not very imposing.

Raw wood look bathroom furniture modern and classic at the same time

Ideas about the vanity unit and the column in bordeauxfurniture bathroom -column-cabinet-mirror-bordeaux

Bathroom furniture in glossy black and indirect lighting blue modern bathroom furniture glossy black

Emerald green and moss green are super trend furniture-under-sink-hanging-moss-green

Bathroom furniture in white and redfurniture-bathroom-hanging-modern-white-red

Brown-wood-wall-column-with-glass-door bathroom-column-hanging-wood-frosted-glass-door

Column and vanity unit in burgundy matcolonne-cabinet-sub-washbasin-hanging-bordeaux

White hanging furniture goes wonderfully to the minimalist washroomwhite bathroom furniture-minimalist-style-bench-black

Soft shapes and gorgeous plum colorfurniture bathroom rounded corners plum white

Choose furniture with rounded corners like this set in lavender and whitebathroom furniture rounded corners lavender white

The hydromassage shower column introduces luxury into the bathroom

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