The trendy kitchen credenza 2022 in 7 contemporary and timeless versions. Which one to choose?

Le terrazzo de style granité

Full of colors, undeniably daring and original, the terrazzo credenza has become one of the flagship trends of previous years, as for the layout and kitchen decoration. But according to interior designers, this season it is the granite-style terrazzo backsplash that will make a splash in the contemporary kitchen. More sober, this element has the advantage of marrying harmoniously with dark or light wood.

Choose the pearlescent tile for your trendy kitchen credenza 2022

In addition to protecting the walls from splashes and other dirt, the trendy kitchen credenza 2022 is an essential element to bring character to the room. Those who are looking for an elegant and timeless style, but still embodies modern and refined taste, the pearl mosaic is just what you need. With its soft shine, such a backsplash will create an atmosphere of harmony and refinement to contemporary cuisine.

The copper credenza is a sensation this year

If you are looking for modern kitchen decoration ideas in the current trends, the copper credenza is the element to consider imperatively. Thanks to its uniqueness, this unusual backsplash becomes the focal point in the room, no matter what style of furniture you have chosen. In fact, copper goes perfectly with monochrome kitchens, and in particular with white, green (olive and dark) and blue.

Les carreaux de faience en bleu et blanc de style azulejos

Do you dream of a modern kitchen but which also embodies the character of Andalusia? Nothing is easier with azulejos style earthenware tiles. These are typical of the southern region of Spain but their pretty delicate patterns fit perfectly into contemporary concepts. Whether it is an immaculate white kitchen or yours is available in white and blue, such faience will suit him perfectly.

In 2022, the terracotta is invited in the modern kitchen

Terracotta-colored kitchen appeared on the scene of kitchen trends in 2021. A year later, the terracotta tiles climb on the backsplash to infuse more warmth and authenticity to the room. Of a square and retro shape or rectangular slats, everyone can choose according to their taste and preferences. A golden rule to respect – in order to create a contemporary final look, bet on cabinets and cupboards in matt white or lacquer, which will perfectly match the authentic terracotta credenza.

Le marbre blanc prend d’assaut le dosseret and le plan de travail de cuisine

When it comes to furnishing and decorating a noble, timeless and up-to-date kitchen, we never hesitate to choose marble. It can not be more elegant, natural rock is a sure bet in modern habitats. It goes wonderfully well with wooden cladding, but also with other surfaces available in light and dark, neutral and daring shades.

The retro credenza composed of a square tile

The trendy kitchen credenza 2022 can not do without square tiling. The shape of these tiles highlights the distant times without being too retro. The white square tile is therefore a beautiful addition for contemporary kitchen concepts. So, if you want to mix modern and vintage styles, but with taste and refinement, do not hesitate any longer and adopt the tiles in question that will perfectly complement your hybrid decor. As an alternative to white, you can experiment with powder pink, ice blue or mint green — colors from the pastel range that perfectly embody the charm of yesteryear, and are currently in great demand

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