What are the interior design trends 2022 to adopt imperatively and the old-fashioned fads to forget?

It was our desire for comfort and stability that influenced many of our decoration and furnishing choices in 2021, and this continues in 2022. The last two years have given us the opportunity to reflect on how we want to live what will have a great impact on the metamorphosis of our habitats for the coming months. Styles, colors and materials: the 2022 deco trends have already been revealed and you are probably looking forward to knowing how to make them work in your home. But you will have to be vigilant because, it turns out that some of the big trends planned must remain in the past. To make your life easier, this article reveals the real interior design fads 2022 while alerting you to the faux pas not to commit.

The interior design trends 2022 to adopt imperatively

The year 2022 is generous when it comes to deco trends, which means that there is something new for every taste. Whether you are thinking of renovating your home or simply refreshing it, it will be useful and interesting for you to have an idea of what it would be imperative to adopt so that your home is in the wind this year.

The green palette is among the big trends of the year

Our connection with nature and the world around us has never been more important. After being locked inside for so long, we are now more ready than ever to invite nature into our home. This explains why the green palette will be predominant in interior design this year. Pale or intense green climbs on walls, textiles and decoration to refresh our rooms and all corners of our habitats.

Sage and olive tones are among the most appreciated, but one should also not hesitate to adopt an emerald green velvet sofa for an extra touch of nobility. If you like the green palette but don’t want to make drastic or permanent changes to your decor, just add touches of green here and there, for example on your cushions and curtains or on some decorative objects such as vases or candle holders.

Furniture with curved lines

The year 2022 will put more emphasis on furniture as works of art in their own right. A marriage of form and functionality, the increasingly refined pieces of furniture embody a femininity that is felt in the curved lines and organic silhouettes. On Pinterest, the search for curved walls and sofas, as well as for arches as architectural elements, has increased drastically in recent months. And this is not surprising. Rounded shapes are inherently softer and more soothing than sharp angles and straight lines. And, at the moment, being recovering from the global health crisis and economic tensions, we are looking for more softness and calm and this is exactly what the interior design trends 2022 and the furniture more welcoming than ever offer us.

Mixing vintage and contemporary

This year, vintage and antique furniture is gaining popularity. These rooms with an unparalleled charm of yesteryear invite themselves into the contemporary interior to infuse a superb authenticity. So, if you already have such jewelry, do not hesitate to highlight them with a brushstroke. If necessary, the sofa or armchair can be re-upholstered. This will make it possible not only to preserve them but also to modernize these antiques of the past that deserve a place of honor in modern housing.

Les tons neutres et chauds : une tendance phare de la déco intérieur 2022

Bright white, steel grey and other neutral and cool hues are long-time favorites that offer a clean and contemporary look. But in 2022, the resurgence of warmer and more subtle shades is quite obvious. For the next few months, the predilection for the beige, cream or nude range will be predominant in the field of interior decoration.

These neutral and soothing tones, as well as the richer earthy shades (and in particular taupe, camel and rust) will take hold of the walls, upholstery and decor to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Also do not hesitate to enrich this palette with shades of powder pink that promise to make the mood more romantic and joyful, while warming it.

Biophilic style as an absolute interior design trend 2022

Bringing the outside inside is the concept of biophilic style that is part of the major interior design trends of 2022. Natural and eco-friendly materials, colors that remind flora and fauna and textures that remind wood and stone are the elements that characterize this current not dating from yesterday.

This year, to make the presence of nature in our habitats even more noticeable, we must not hesitate to multiply green and flowering plants, wherever it is in our living rooms. Even the vegetated walls are regaining interest to reinforce the feeling of a living decor, which breathes and develops.

The decline of workspaces at home

Because of the pandemic, home offices have become a necessity rather than a luxury. But two years later, many people are returning to the office, and their need for a work-only corner in their home is no longer so important. The master bedroom, the guest bedroom, the games room or the dressing room will no longer house a computer and the time spent at home will be spent only on rest, family and leisure.

No more the open plan

The pandemic has had an impact on all facets of life, including our homes. More time spent at home, this creates a need for privacy. This explains why many people are looking for ideas of quiet and secluded niches and nooks. We start erecting walls more often than we tear them down. And the design opportunities that are available to us are a big bonus – the more enclosed spaces there are, the more creative we can be. The open plan often requires the use of neutral colors and the repetition of certain elements, decorative objects or furniture, at the risk of overloading the final rendering. On the other hand, the closed plan has natural transition points which helps to create a feeling of intimacy and allows, at the same time, to show more creativity in design and decoration.

Trends to stop following

Trends come and go. In order for your home to be in the wind in 2022, it is imperative to inform yourself about what should remain in the past. An overview in the following paragraphs.

Too much white is no longer in vogue

The immaculate decorations whose characteristic elements are the white walls and furniture are already behind our backs. The too sterile decor typical for minimalist interiors gives way to neutral but warm paints, wooden elements and colorful decorative objects.

The bulky and non-functional decoration goes to the hatch

Are there too many unnecessary trinkets on your shelves? In 2022, it’s time to put an end to the embarrassment of non-functional decorative items that only occupy precious space in your home. To embellish your rooms, bet on useful decorations, such as timeless colored glass vases, organically designed candles in pastel or neutral colors, unusual pot covers, etc.

The straight silhouette of furniture and accessories

As already explained, in 2022, we are looking for more softness and elegance. In response to this need, the curved and oval silhouettes of furniture and decorative objects are gradually replacing the straight lines and too imposing geometry.

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