9 tricks to give the illusion of a larger room: How to make a successful move at a lower cost?

In this year 2022, why not give your bedroom a makeover? And, let’s push the plug a little further, if you were trying to give the feeling of a larger space? Indeed, the modern bedroom, in order to fully play its role as a cozy refuge, must be both functional and pleasant. Having a small bedroom is by no means a foregone conclusion. By optimizing the space, you can save space without having to undertake expensive renovations. Here are 9 tips for you to give the illusion of a bigger bedroom. Why didn’t you think of that before?

What are the 9 tricks to give the illusion of a bigger bedroom?

The layout of a small bedroom should not be neglected to make it more spacious. There are many decoration and layout ideas that are very simple to set up. Most of them also have the advantage of being inexpensive and quite simple to make. A short overview of the possibilities available to you.

Opt for light walls

To enlarge a small bedroom, the essential tip is to paint it in light colors to bring maximum light into the room and give an impression of spaciousness. The traditional white is perfect to bring brightness and a feeling of space to a small bedroom. For an extra touch of originality play with its shades such as creamy white or off-white. To give the room more character and personality, opt for light blues and pastel colors such as yellow, green or even shades of pink. You will thus kill two birds with one stone by enlarging the room while bringing a little originality to it.

From the clear to the ceiling

Painting the ceiling in a dark color would be a mistake. We advise you to always stay in white to bring a height effect to the room. Other colors could flatten the space and deprive it of light. If your bedroom is really is too narrow, do not bother, opt for the total white look «wall, floor and ceiling».

Tidy up your room

Throw away the superfluous and keep the essentials. The easiest trick on our list to make a small bedroom bigger is to tidy it up! Indeed, any cluttered room immediately looks smaller. We know well that all those trinkets lying around on the shelf are close to your heart, but avoid the accumulation. The same goes for that old piece of furniture inherited from your grandmother. It is necessary to realize the obvious: it clutters your entire space. We sort, we throw, we empty to completely enlarge the room. Get to work!

Free the windows

In the same vein, avoid clogging the windows with heavy and thick curtains. Instead, choose lighter curtains that will let in the light. So you will definitely give the feeling of a larger room. If necessary, you can install several curtains to make the room more opaque if necessary.

Give preference to short curtains

To give an illusion of space in a narrow bedroom is quite possible and a simple pair of curtains can contribute to this. For this, do not choose too long curtains. Instead, opt for short curtains that do not touch the floor. Prefer stripes to patterns that give an impression of overload. Neutral and light colors close to those of your walls and floors are to be preferred. Guaranteed effect!

Play with the light sources to give the illusion of a larger room

Guaranteed effect!Play with light sources to give the illusion of a larger room luminaires to enlarge room 2022 View in gallery because a dark room will always seem smaller, play on lighting. For this, you are spoilt for choice according to your desires and your budget: suspensions or lamps will undoubtedly bring a cozy atmosphere to your room.

Bet on mirrors

Mirrors are a nice trick to enlarge a small bedroom. Large and well placed, they have no equal to give the change and visually enlarge the room. If possible, place them in front of the windows to reflect the light there. You will have made your move!

Be minimalist

Prefer hanging furniture to clear the look or low chests of drawers. This will allow you to clear the visual field and open up the space of your bedroom. Similarly, true to the minimalist style bedroom decor, do not multiply small pieces of furniture that give the impression of accumulation. Or the opposite of the desired effect.

Buy functional furniture to give the illusion of a larger bedroom

It is quite possible to gain ground with functional furniture and storage. The key here is to free up floor space with furniture and storage having several features. A box spring with drawers or a secretary desk for example and voila.

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