Credenza for the kitchen: which design to choose to have an impeccable style?

Do you want to make changes in your home? Especially in your kitchen? We spend a lot of time chopping, cutting, cooking and preparing meals in the kitchen. Sometimes we snack, other times we hang out and drink afternoon tea. In practical terms, being in an aesthetically pleasing room significantly improves mood and makes the overall experience more enjoyable. However, if you want to save money and do not want to redo your entire kitchen, we have a tip for you. Have you thought about getting a credenza for the kitchen? This way, by doing a simple thing (and sticking to your budget!), you can change the look of your kitchen!

Credenza for kitchen: which design to choose?

There are a thousand and one choices when it comes to design. Magnificent models are emerging from everywhere, because trends change dramatically every year. Nevertheless, it all comes down to personal preference. From glass to eclectic tiles, to bricks… There are a plethora of choices and all of them are absolutely stunning! If you want to stick to your budget, we are not going to offer you your marble kitchen splashes. Even if they are divine! Think of it this way: if you can have a laminate worktop that imitates marble and real wood paneling, you can also have a great kitchen covering! For minimal or no cost! Here are our wonderful proposals that will make your head spin in style!

Credenza for glass kitchen

The kitchen is the Pantone color of the year Very Peri? Yes, please! This design color, delicate and tasteful, fits perfectly into a white kitchen. The contrast is very pleasing to the eyes. The surface is glass-like and the color makes it stand out.

If you want a sparkling contrast, but also do not want to be intrusive, make a section of your wall in a different color. This way you can make a change without it being radical and crazy. By choosing yellow, you give your space a completely new positive look.

And for our readers who love radical changes and spectacular colors and models, this is for you! Bright pink is very fashionable right now and if you want a Barbie kitchen style, you should definitely choose it!


This vintage tile look is everything! This eclectic design is an amazing choice for anyone who loves cozy aesthetics like hygge lifestyle. In case you want your kitchen to look like that of a 90s sitcom, this is the kitchen backsplash model that you should choose. Do not opt for a single tile model, choose different colors and shapes. Now that we think about it, why not different sizes? Just own it, give it personality and display it!

Navy blue tiles, combined with white, resemble the waves of the sea and can have a calming effect on your anxiety and stress levels. Experts say that this color also helps a lot with concentration problems! In addition to that, it also has a very classy look!

Just like the monochrome glass style, if you want a simpler style, but still with flavor, make a section of your kitchen credenza.

Bricks and tiles

For this fabulous brick effect, you can easily find brick stickers online for a low or no price. They look great, are inexpensive and can change the whole look of your kitchen. Should we say more? Put a glass on top and you will have a classy, clean and fabulous kitchen touch at a reasonable price!

You can also find stickers that mimic the pattern and touch of the bricks! The most sought-after brick kitchen backsplash is black, and its price varies a lot. So, before making a rash decision when buying a kitchen backsplash brick strip, do some research on reliable sellers.

Do you have authentic bricks behind your kitchen? Want a new look, but still want to keep them? Covering the bricks would be a designer faux pas! What you could do is get a translucent glass kitchen backsplash so you can showcase them and place storage in them!

Credenza for the marble kitchen? This is definitely one of the most convenient choices!

Make a mix and match kitchen style in black and white for a classy contrast!

Credenza for kitchen in blue and white: delicate and chic!

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