Kitchen open to the living room or the living room: layout ideas and decor inspirations to adopt it in 2022

In a house or apartment, do you like the kitchen open to the living room or the living room? That’s good, because it will be ultra trendy in 2022! How to adopt it? What is the layout and decoration for this type of room? Is it necessary to delimit the two zones? Side bar or central island? 5 trendy and clever ideas to decorate an open gourmet room, even a small one!

Trendy decor ideas 2022 to arrange a kitchen open to the living room or the living room

A real decorative asset, the kitchen open to the living room corresponds perfectly to our current lifestyle. The many successive confinements made us understand how important this room was and should be comfortable and welcoming. That is why, it must be arranged carefully. Whether it’s a spacious interior or limited space, the kitchen is opening up everywhere in 2022 to offer us interesting perspectives and invite us to conviviality. But that’s not all! The gourmet room that overlooks the living room or the living room has many advantages: brightness, optimization, modernity, elegance, etc. Not convinced yet? To inspire you, we give you 5 ideas to consider to help you create your own!

An extra bar

Chatting with your friends while you prepare the meal, does it kick you? This is one of the major advantages of the kitchen open to the living room. To arrange yours, however, it is necessary to think how to delimit the gourmet room of the living room. Trendy, user-friendly and ultra practical, the bar-counter comes to your rescue. It is the ideal solution for small spaces that are devoid of a dining area. If you are still eating on the coffee table in front of the TV, the open kitchen with a bar is for you! Whether it is small or large, it adopts all styles and can be arranged in such a way as to meet the highest requirements in terms of functionality and ergonomics. In addition, the bar performs several functions. It can be used as a countertop, a table or even a trivet.

A central island

The central island has become an essential component of the design of the open kitchen, which is largely due to the evolution of deco trends and the increasingly marked predominance of the concept of optimized spaces. A structural and functional element in its own right, the kitchen island is nowadays easily adaptable. And besides being beautiful and participating directly in the aesthetics of the kitchen, the island can also contribute to the reorganization of the room. It can therefore be long or thin, parallel to the preparation and cooking area, rounded and compact in tight spaces, or wide and spacious, housing a sink, household appliances and plenty of storage in large volumes. In addition, thanks to this trendy furniture, you will finally have that delimitation between the living room and the kitchen that you dream so much.

An industrial canopy

Not necessarily expensive and super trendy, the industrial canopy invites itself brilliantly into the kitchen open to the living room where it fills with light and visually expands the space. Often chosen in black metal, it has a refined loft-style aesthetic that perfectly suits any environment. An ultra trendy decorative element, the atelier glass partition is available in many designs and offers multiple solutions. It is most often found between the kitchen and the living room where it connects the two rooms without obscuring or devaluing them. On the budget side, prices vary depending on the characteristics of the partition, its size and the material from which it is made.

A wooden claustra

The industrial canopy is not your cup of tea? Do you want to arrange your open kitchen differently? Used since ancient times, the claustra is highly appreciated for its ability to distinguish an interior space without obscuring it. In its modern version, the claustra does not partition, but creates interesting visual separations in open spaces such as the kitchen overlooking the living room. Made of wood or metal, custom-made or to assemble yourself, it serves as an original breakwater that gently separates the gourmet room from the living room by letting the light pass through. Some owners even turn it into a clever and decorative shelf!

A mixture of tiles and parquet

Original, modern and functional, the parquet-tile mix works wonders in open spaces. So, if your heart is balanced between the refinement of wood and the elegance of mineral coatings, there is no need to choose. Ideal in the kitchen open to the living room, the marriage between two types of floors has more than one asset. Easier to maintain than parquet, tiles naturally find their place near the stoves and the sink. So, rather than relying on a single type of floor, the mix of coatings offers an elegant separation between the different living areas without partitioning. Integrating a tiled part in the middle of a wooden floor also accentuates the presence of an element in the contemporary kitchen: a central island, a side bar or a dining table.

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