Quelle décoration minimalist pour votre salon en 2022 ? Les tendances phares à suivre !

When you hear the word «minimalist design», what are the first things that come to mind? White walls, dull shades and a minimum of furniture? But did you know that minimalism is not necessarily boring? When applied in the right way, this theme gives a serene look even to the most mundane spaces. So, if you intend to try Scandinavian minimalist decoration, here are the trends of the moment that will help you create a chic, quiet and clutter-free interior. Discover them below!

Minimalist decoration is invited into the living room 2022 with new rules

Minimalist life is all the rage these days and shows no signs of slowing down. This trend concerns not only interior design, but also the fashion industry and architecture. More and more people are choosing to keep their home simple by eliminating unnecessary objects and clutter. This philosophy makes sense for many reasons: we live in a world where there is such an information overload that we have to find ways to simplify our daily lives if we want it to be manageable. But what does minimalism look like in the living room? Here are some current examples for you to copy!

Muted shades

Muted colors or pastel tones are among the most used when it comes to designing Scandinavian spaces. So, when equipping a minimalist living room, be sure to choose subtle shades, and you will have successfully completed the first stage.

Low furniture

Pieces of furniture that are small in height, can be a great addition to a living room with a minimalist design. You can opt for sofas with a low seat or a central table with very short legs. If you’re looking to make the interior more fun, scatter a few eye-catching decorative items and a few plants, and you’ll be good to go.

A little touch of color in the form of accessories

If you opt for an all-white or all-gray interior, you can certainly spice things up a little by adding accessories in bright and vibrant colors. If you are redoing your space and you already have a set of furniture in neutral colors, invest in cushions and decorative objects tinted in the trendy shades 2022.

Textured accent wall as an important part of the minimalist decoration in the living room

Give a boost to the style quotient of your minimalist living room with an accent wall designed with textured concrete. The new generation finishes are always an excellent choice when it comes to furnishing subtle, elegant and aesthetic spaces.

Soft carpet

Especially if your living room has a wooden floor, it’s good to soften it with a carpet. And while you’re at it, you can also enhance the look of your sofas with textured covers. Such elements allow not only to limit noise, but also to reduce the austerity that goes hand in hand with minimalism.

Wall shelves

An easy way to get more storage space, while designing a minimally themed room, is to install wall shelves. You may prefer floating models or DIY shelves for storing your books and other decor elements in them.

The bizarre shapes in the minimalist decoration of the living room

Since your minimalist living room will not have many objects to show off, you can decorate it with unique shaped pieces. From the contours of the lampshade to those of the armchair, including the metal sculptures, all the elements of the decor complement each other and contribute to unifying the interior.

Bright space painted white

If you are a lover of all-white living rooms, this design idea is for you. While heavy furniture and light fixtures can be of a darker color, the rest of the living room can be decided in white, which will give it a frosted and exciting look, and will give it a soothing and serene atmosphere.

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