Spanish style bathroom: the 6 key elements of a decor that tells stories

After a few months of confinement, we are sure that you are already inclined to renovate your home. Are we right? So, if it is the bathroom that you plan to refresh by making it more modern and spacious, you are in the right place. It can sometimes be difficult to choose the style that will go well with the rest of your interior and this is normal because the choice is really huge. Either a bathroom in Moroccan style, rustic, tropical, vintage or other, you need to choose only one. There is still a contemporary decoration that unifies several styles wonderfully. In this article, we will give you the 6 key elements to make a bathroom in Spanish style.

Spanish-style bathroom – the 6 key elements of success

With its rich history, Spaniards have involved several cultures in their daily lives. This is evident even in architecture and interior design. So you will find colonial-style interior fittings with a Mediterranean touch and vintage elements. This wonderful mixture creates a romantic, but at the same time sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere. If you also want to bring this unique character into your four walls, follow the following practical tips.

Bet on natural colors

Generously cut, practical, stylishly furnished and designed in natural shades: the Spanish-style bathroom has a lot to offer. Perhaps this is the reason that halls of this type are more popular than ever. They bring a romantic touch from other eras, combine style with functionality and ensure a sensual aesthetic through the use of noble materials. The dominant colors are white and beige, often accompanied by elements in orange, green or blue. The latter are rather an accent that will transfer you to the world of the Mediterranean climate. All these earth shades will continue to be in vogue this year.

Choose bathroom furniture made of natural wood

If you have a marble or solid-color bathroom, consider adding wooden furniture. This will create a warm and natural look. Another option is to add a few small details made of natural materials like a bamboo shower shelf, a ceramic bath set, wooden boxes or organizers. You can even add a braided round basket.

Opt for terracotta tiles

The perfect Spanish-style bathroom depends on the successful mixing of materials and styles. To achieve an even more authentic look, opt for terracotta tiles. Light tiles in the bathroom are a must! They prevent Spanish bathrooms from looking sober or boring, which is the last thing to do. You can even mix different tiles to get a bolder or even oriental style. Moroccan and Mexican influence is often found in interior design in Spain. So, do not hesitate to add bows to it too.

Arches are a common element of Spanish decor and they can give the bathroom a certain traditional charm. The dome can be the perfect place for a large mirror or a creative space including potted plants or candles to make it prettier and cocooning.

Find the right accessories

In addition to the decoration made of natural materials already mentioned, it is also important to add some details about the sink, fittings and other sanitary elements. The rustic faucet and shower head are to be preferred in a Spanish-style bathroom. They stand out from the rest of the interior especially if the main color of the room is in white and gray shades. If you want to give a more modern and luxurious touch, then bet on the copper finish. And as for the shower, it’s actually better to choose an antique bathtub. If you have enough space in the bathroom, the freestanding bathtub in it will immediately become the focal point, giving the room a designer look.

Bring nature into your decor

To complement the exotic atmosphere in the Spanish bathroom, one should not forget about the living elements – plants. A vegetal decoration completes the welcoming side of this modern and natural design and brings an exceptional freshness. We have given you more than 30 ideas of bathroom plants, so you just need to choose a few.

The light in the Spanish bathroom

Light plays a very important role in the Spanish interior. And most of all we are talking about natural light. If you do not have the opportunity to have windows in the bathroom, then choose warm yellow lights that bring intimate comfort. A bright bright crystal pendant above the bathtub is still an excellent choice that will complement the aesthetics of the interior. Why not bet on wall sconces? You can find rustic designs that will go perfectly with the vintage faucet and shower head.

Modern Spanish bathroom tiles

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