Tout savoir sur le plan de travail en marbre dans la cuisine !

The kitchen, the place where we gather to cook, chat and taste. A space for gustatory discoveries and festive gatherings with family or friends, the gourmet room is certainly the heart of every contemporary home. That is why it deserves to be arranged according to the latest trends in interior design. Chic, refined and ultra elegant, marble is always the order of the day in the gourmet room. Available in various colors — black, white, red, yellow, brown, green marble worktop — and with more or less regular veins, marble is an exceptional natural stone that makes all decoration lovers dream. But is it really a good choice for the kitchen or bathroom, which are among the busiest places in the abode. The answers here!

Marble countertop in the kitchen: everything you need to know about this material

Very trendy for several years already, marble combines elegance and resistance. Often used as a kitchen credenza or worktop, it is also available in furniture or decorative objects. Be careful, however, marble has as many advantages as disadvantages to take into account before investing. The writing of decrypts for you the mineral that has become the star of contemporary kitchens and bathrooms to help you equip yourself without making the wrong step. Focus!

The marble worktop for whom?

Gage d’élégance et de luxe, le marbre, et plus particularly le plan de travail en marbre, est devenu un incontournable A guarantee of elegance and luxury, marble, and more particularly the marble worktop, has become a must-have in interiors. Its finesse and its various color variations adapt to each kitchen, no matter its style or size, small or large, country chic or Scandinavian wood and marble worktop price view in gallery this metamorphic limestone rock has the power to easily acclimatize to many materials such as wood, brass, iron, etc. And then, with its impeccable surface and its more or less marked veins, it gives a lot of brightness to the gourmet piece. In short, marble blends with everything and invites itself everywhere. The only downsides? Its high price and fragile beauty. Otherwise, this designer material has everything right to transform your kitchen. However, in order for it to show all its decorative potential, marble deserves good lighting.dans les intérieurs. Sa finesse et ses declination de couleurs diverses s’adaptent à chaque cuisine, peu importe son style ni sa taille, petite ou grande, campagne chic ou d’inspiration scandinave.

Which marble to choose?

Although there are generally more than 500 varieties of marble, the most famous is probably the white Carrara marble. Immaculate white with a more or less pronounced greyed veining, it brings a good dose of luxury to the worktop and credenza. Nevertheless, there are several categories of Carrara marble. The CD (the cheapest one) is normally the one we mostly put on. It is greyish-white with gray veins and gray-black spots. Marble C offers a more refined white. As for the Extra, it is even whiter than the last two. Its veins are regular and longer in the slice.

Less classic but equally elegant, black marble is usually mined in Spain and is intended to be more modern than white marble. I brings a bright mirror effect to the central island of the kitchen. Finally, the red marble of Alicante is the rarest of all. With its white veins, it creates a warm atmosphere in the gourmet room. As for the green marble of Guatemala, it is rather reserved for decorative objects such as candle holders, vases or jewelry boxes. As for the finish, the choice is quite limited. Unlike granite, marble does not have a variety of surface finishes. So, no flaming or leather effect, but only a glossy or matte surface.

How to maintain it?

In the kitchen as in the bathroom, the best friend of marble is probably linseed oil. In addition to caring for the shine, it creates a waterproof film on the surface. So, rub your marble worktop with a cloth soaked in this oil, and then let it dry for a couple of hours. To properly take care of your marbled kitchen, it is necessary to forget about chemical household products. Instead, opt for a warm water-black soap (or Marseille soap) mixture. Finally, do not forget to dry the surface with a clean towel.

The working plant in a tree: to be used or not?

Yes, why not? If you are very careful! If so, is it better to opt for an imitation? Dekton, for example, is a rather interesting and really sturdy material, with zero maintenance for a price equivalent to that of white marble. The only difference lies in the fact that it has neither the touch nor the rendering of the Carrara. Another trap? The decorative aspect is only on the surface. That means you have to dress up the songs. There is, however, a better solution. Little known, quartzite is a beautiful natural and resistant stone like granite and marble. On the price side, it is just as expensive, about 600 euros per square meter in 2 cm thick.

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