What are the common mistakes that should never be made when decorating a baby’s room?

Designing a baby room is a task that every parent undertakes with boundless fervor and enthusiasm. However, when trying to plan everything in a hurry, a common misconception is to forget to distinguish between style and safety, which could expose children to possible risks. This article focuses on the common mistakes to never make when arranging and decorating baby room!

What is the best decoration for the baby’s room? Mistakes to avoid

Expectant parents can’t wait to start creating the perfect cocoon for their children. But before embarking on the purchase of a crib, a changing table, a chest of drawers and so on, and especially before rolling up your sleeves to paint the newborn’s room, you will have to do your homework and learn well about what is allowed and safe, and what is not. Read on and find out how to successfully decorate a baby’s room without making common mistakes.

Do not wait until the last minute to decorate your baby’s room

One of the most common mistakes when decorating the baby’s room is that parents postpone landscaping and cosmetic work for later. Fresh paint, among other things, could give off gases for weeks, which is harmful to the newborn. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the painting well in advance in order to have the necessary time to properly ventilate the space and adapt it to the baby. It is essential to always choose low-odor or VOC-free paints to reduce the level of toxicity to the bare minimum. Invest in eco-friendly, VOC- and formaldehyde-free baby furniture.

Avoid dangerous accessories

Wall hangings and many other heavy wall decoration items are to be avoided in your baby’s room. This is probably the most dangerous mistake when decorating, even if these accessories are installed correctly. It is better to prefer something lighter to hang ideally at a significant and inaccessible height for your baby. In addition, avoid hanging anything just above your infant’s head because if the object in question falls, it can injure your baby.The simpler the baby room decoration, the safer it will be. Do not be tempted by fancy decorations and accessories, such as, for example, a pillow made of lace or decorated with beads. These can end up directly in the infant’s mouth, creating the worst situation. While you are arranging and decorating your newborn’s room, you have to think like a toddler.

Do not prefer what is modern to what is functional

In a hurry to make their babies’ room adorable, many parents choose fashion over function, which is obviously a serious mistake. Quite often, furniture and accessories that look modern and pretty, are not practical enough. Prefer what will work for you and your newborn and whose design will match your idea of a cozy, comfortable and safe room. As an example, it does not matter whether the curtains are matched with bedding or not. Check whether these block the light coming from the window sufficiently — this is essential not only to protect the newborn from overheating, but also to provide him with the optimal darkness guaranteeing the best possible sleep.

Be careful with the carpet!

Laying a carpet in your baby’s room might seem like the best option to protect the newborn and provide him with all the comfort he needs. But research shows that carpets and rugs could be a breeding ground for the spread of bacteria, fungi and harmful toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, acetaldehyde, PFOA and perchloroethylene. When choosing the carpet or carpet for your baby’s room, opt for a model free of common toxins, including VOC, EVA foam, glues, PVC, BPA, polyurethane foam etc.

Do not choose toys just because they are cute

Make sure that the toys are suitable and safe for your little one. Since babies put everything in their mouths, it is important to offer your loulou only safe items and, of course, that do not pose a choking hazard. Avoid products that contain toxic plastic or wood and pay attention that the paints used have the European ecolabel or the NF Environment label. Always choose organic, eco-friendly and non-toxic toys.

A neutral baby room in the gray palette

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