Why choose the pellet stove to reduce its energy consumption?

Pellet stoves or wood pellet stoves cannot completely replace the traditional log boiler. However, if you want to take advantage of an additional heater in your home, think first of all about these facilities. More efficient than a log stove, they are also autonomous and programmable. They allow you to heat your home better, while saving on your bill. All the advantages of the pellet stove, find in the text below!

How to save on heating expenses by equipping yourself with a pellet or pellet stove?

Replacing a boiler with a pellet stove: good or bad idea? Indeed, the acquisition and installation of a pellet stove in a well-insulated interior can save you an average of 60% on your annual energy bill. In some cases, it is advisable to mix energy sources for better results in terms of eco-responsibility and heating.

In fact, it should be noted that wood pellets or pellets are usually expensive. Still, in the long run, this allows you to save money, because one cubic meter of pellets gives off twice as much energy as one stere of logs. Then, pellet stoves are now modern, design and automated. These devices can also adapt to the ambient temperature of your home, without emitting more heating than is necessary.

The pellet stove is available in various practical, economical and design models. What are its other advantages?

Winter is the season when you need efficient heating for your home. Unfortunately, if you live in a poorly insulated house, you find that over the months the bills do not stop rising. So this is the crucial moment when you may need to think about changing the heat source. Modern, ecological and innovative, the pellet stove is currently the most sought-after heating system by homeowners.

There are different types, like the ductable pellet stove, in natural convection or forced convection. There are also differences in functionality, which vary between the many models on the market, such as machine power, tank capacity, programming or remote triggering. With all this information, it can be difficult sometimes to choose the right item. That is why it is advisable to take advantage of the winter sales 2022 to find the best promotions on pellet stoves, and finally heat your home while saving money.

How to choose the right pellet stove?

The pellet stove is an effective solution for evenly distributing heat in the interior in winter. Depending on the specifics of the building and space, the models provide a pleasant temperature throughout the house without polluting the indoor air. Indeed, pellet stoves are environmentally friendly and economical since the combustion is twice as clean as that in wood stoves. Some are also equipped with a tool that allows you to program the indoor temperature remotely, thanks to an application that you can download on your smartphone. Finally, in addition to its remarkable heating capabilities, the pellet stove, thanks to its aesthetic qualities, finds its place in the home decoratively.

As already noted, faced with the wide choice of models on the market, it can be difficult to find the stove that suits your needs and interior. That’s why there are innovative and practical online tools that make it possible to search for the ideal product for every home. Easy to use, the devices ask you to define the characteristics of the room to be heated (size, insulation …) and offer you a selection of models that best meet your research.

Where to place your pellet stove to get optimal heat?

Before choosing a location for your pellet stove, you need to think about where to install the smoke exhaust duct, to ensure safety and proper operation. After, logically, your stove will have to be placed near the duct to allow their connection.

In order to distribute the heat well in the room and to be able to enjoy the spectacle of the flames, position the duct of your stove in the most central place inside. Nevertheless, to avoid the risk of fire, your device should not be located near flammable materials. In addition, your floor must be able to withstand the weight of your pellet stove. Some installations can indeed weigh up to 500 kilograms. Finally, avoid placing your stove near a possible drop-off point, such as a staircase.

To optimize heat transfer, it is advisable to place the pellet stove in the most central room of your home and in the direction of air circulation. However, your device should not be placed near an air vent, otherwise you risk that the hot air barely out of the device, escapes from the inside.

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