Explore the latest 2022 trends to have a kitchen with a central island at the top

The central island has become an essential component of the contemporary kitchen design, which is largely due to the evolution of trends and the increasingly marked predominance of the concept of open spaces. A structural and functional element in its own right, the kitchen island is nowadays easily adaptable. It can be long or thin, parallel to the preparation and cooking area, rounded and compact in tight spaces, or wide and spacious, housing a sink, household appliances and plenty of storage in large volumes. And in addition to being beautiful and participating directly in the aesthetics of the kitchen, the island can also contribute to ergonomics, which facilitates access to everything you need to cook with ease. And if you want to take advantage of all the advantages that it could offer you, it will be useful and interesting for you to find out what the kitchen with a central island will look like in the year according to the trends of 2022.

The kitchen with two islands: the trend continues in 2022

Why stop at one central island when you could have two? If you have enough space in your kitchen, nothing prevents you from adopting this exclusive trend in your contemporary interior. Moreover, it’s far from just a matter of design! Having two islands means having two additional places to prepare meals and eat at the same time. This is especially convenient in large kitchens, and we can also add that the arrangement of a separate dining area is, in this case, unnecessary.

The veined marble does not leave the stage

In 2022, veined marble is emerging as an absolute trend in kitchen design. The noble rock invites itself into our habitats in the form of worktops, credenzas or luxurious floor tiles that infuse a touch of refinement, elegance and timelessness. Although white marble remains a reference of class and nobility, this year you can afford more daring in terms of colors by opting for black and dramatic marbles, green, soothing and sophisticated, or blue, absolutely exclusive.

What color for the central island in the kitchen of 2022?

Of course, the trendy kitchen colors 2022 will determine the look of your island. Dark shades of blue and grey are particularly sought after and these are perfect for adding depth and character to clean kitchens in the neutral range. Other original proposals are earthy reds (the terracotta color, among others) and green tones. Pair them with burnished brass and soft gold finishes for handles and other decorative details.

Light wood species

In 2022, the kitchen with central island says «yes» to light wood species. More delicate tones such as rye and hickory (white walnut) look amazing in both traditional and modern kitchens. It will be used not only to dress the central island, but also to line the cabinets or cupboards. Blond woods go wonderfully well with white furniture, but you can also consider modern colors such as blue-gray, sage green or ash pink

The luminaires to hang above the island

Not surprisingly, the central island is one of the key trends in the kitchen this year. But what you don’t know, perhaps, is that the search for the luminaires to be suspended above the island has absolutely exploded. In addition to being a practical addition that simply cannot be dispensed with, the pendant lamp is currently an important part of the decor. In 2022, the predilection is for luminaires that make a strong style statement. Designers advise you to be open to exploring new ideas and experimenting with materials and finishes. You can also take an ecological approach by opting for a bamboo, rattan or burlap suspension. Modern metal finishes are also not to be overlooked. Brushed gold, brass and stainless steel are among the top choices to consider.

Opt for a fluted kitchen island

The kitchen with central island of the year 2022 is an exclusive mix of colors, reliefs and materials. In order to emphasize its contemporary character while infusing it with a personal and timeless touch, designers advise to make the island the focal point of the room, dressing it with panels with a strongly marked relief. For example, fluted and ribbed designs would look great in the modern kitchen, which is available in deep and wooden colors. The clair voie dressing is still beautiful and it is a sure bet to create a warmer atmosphere and bring a traditional note to the space.

White marble is still predominant in the minimalist kitchen 2022

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