How to arrange a room for two children? Key tips and decor solutions that are easy to adopt!

For many contemporary families, especially speaking of residents of large cities, a shared children’s room is a necessity. Whether you don’t have enough space at home, are expecting a new family member, or just want to encourage your children to share or respect the personal boundaries of others, a room for two children may prove to be just the solution you need. In addition, believe it or not, such a common space can turn out to be quite fun to arrange and decorate! So here are some practical tips and decorating tips that promise to make your life much easier in this regard!

How to arrange a room for two children?

Logically, the fact that children have to share a room most often comes from a lack of space at home. But just because your room for two children is small, does not mean that you need to limit your decorative imagination. On the contrary, be inventive using «smart» furniture, practical layouts and unisex decorations! That’s exactly how to put these malignant ideas into practice without giving yourself a headache, or breaking the bank.

Opt for bunk beds

As long as your age and that of your children will suffer, everyone will tell you that investing in bunk beds is the ultimate solution when talking about small sleeping spaces to share. Fortunately, of course, there are countless models of bunk beds, which can be used to meet specific needs! For example, bunk beds with storage are perfect to save even more space in the common room. It is perfect for multifunctional furniture that does not waste floor space, leaving more room to play.

Using smart storage

If insufficient space is a problem in your room for two children, then most likely you are worried not only about the installation of beds, but also about the many pieces of furniture needed to organize clothes, store toys, put books in order and so on. In addition to the beds with built-in storage that we have already mentioned, you can install wall shelves, add one or two box stools or choose headboards with storage, among others. This will allow children to exhibit some of their favorite items while keeping toys and trinkets out of sight.

Try the trundle beds

To unite the two previous ideas and further develop them, we suggest that you take into consideration the trundle beds. Currently, there are a large number of models on the market, the elements of which fit together advantageously, offering additional options. We have trundle beds for 3 people, with separable modules, with storage drawers, bunk beds and trundle beds 2 in 1, etc. Moreover, models offering 3 places are a very good solution if you need a temporary extra bed. Sleepovers will no longer be a taboo!

Room for two children is private area

As any parent knows very well, one of the big problems of the shared room is the lack of private space. Every person needs his own corner of peace and privacy and children are no exception. This topic becomes even more thorny when it is a brother and sister who have to occupy a common space or when the age gap between the two children is greater … So what to do to find a solution to this rather unpleasant matter?

A partition wall is the most obvious choice for arranging a room for two children without violating the right of privacy of each occupant. When the installation of such a partition is not possible, consider a bookcase or a claustra with storage shelves to achieve a practical arrangement in more ways than one. Blackout curtains should also be considered, as they are easily removable and carry decorative value as a bonus.

Room decorating tips for two children

In order for everyone to feel comfortable, the decoration of the room for two children should be well thought out. So opt for neutral colors or white as a versatile immaculate backdrop. Thematic decorative objects in bohemian, vintage or Scandinavian style are another very good idea that is not very gendered. Similarly, the themes wild animals, video games, travel or music, among others, are universal and appeal to several ages.

Finally, keep in mind that a neutral, primary or pastel color palette and a unisex themed decoration work perfectly not only in the bedroom for two children, but also for a room shared by 3 or 4 siblings, which means that you will not have to make too dramatic changes even if your family continues to grow. At the end of the day, we have to be farsighted, right?

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