How to book the kitchen to the living room? Here are the 2022 concepts to try urgently in modern housing

Over the past few decades, the concept of cooking has undergone an incredible metamorphosis. Thanks to technological progress and intelligent solutions regarding ventilation and the arrangement of areas, this room occupies a central place in the development of our habitats today, and it is around it that everyday life revolves. The open concept of living areas has, for some time, been put on a pedestal which inevitably raises the question: how to connect the kitchen to the living room to have the best of both spaces in the same place? This article offers you an overview of the clever solutions of the year 2022.

What modern approaches to connecting the kitchen with the living room?

For centuries, the kitchen was a space reserved strictly for the preparation of food. We tended to hide it by arranging it at the back of the house, and there was room only for the bare necessities. Fortunately, a new era has come and the kitchen open to the living room has been on the rise for several years already. Today people want this place to be an integral part of everyday family life, but also meetings with friends and family. So it makes sense to ask how to connect the kitchen with the living room in 2022, to be aware of current trends while taking advantage of the best solutions that manufacturers have to offer

The American kitchen: how to adopt the open concept in 2022?

The American kitchen is a jewel of contemporary interior design that deserves all your interest. The open concept offers you a modern and spacious layout, which is perfect for families with small children but also for singles with exclusive taste. In addition, you will gain in light and practicality.

The kitchen with glass roof: an elegant and harmonious transition to the living room

Ideal for dividing spaces smoothly and without erecting walls, the canopy is probably the most ingenious contemporary solution to create a visual connection between living spaces. Practical, functional and especially elegant, this partition structure plays the opposite role in the modern interior. Rather, it is used to connect the kitchen to the living room, and not to partition them. Depending on the style of your decor, you have a large selection of designs and materials, which guarantees you to find the perfect kitchen canopy for your lifestyle and personal taste.

The central island: an essential element to make the link between the living room and the kitchen

If you want to make a connection between the living room and the kitchen smoothly and without demolishing a wall, the central island could prove to be the perfect solution for you. In addition to being particularly practical and useful for storing and preparing food, the island can be equipped with a table to receive your guests. It is also very comfortable to have breakfast or just enjoy a cup of coffee. The most important thing is that, even if the concept is open, you will manage to visually delimit the spaces, while connecting them through the middle island.

Bet on matching materials in both areas

Matching the materials and/or wall or floor coverings in both areas is a winning approach to creating an optical illusion of a common space. Whether it’s the same parquet or the same wall covering for the living room and kitchen, it’s up to you. What is important is to create a coherent rendering that leaves the impression of being in a single room whose individual areas are harmoniously linked together.

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