How to make dark wood work in the modern interior in 2022?

2022 gives all wood enthusiasts a good reason to enjoy the warmth of the noble material. New interior design trends will allow our habitats to take a breath of fresh air by putting Scandinavian decor aside, at least temporarily. Surprisingly, it is dark wood that is the successor of the Nordic style. Its timeless elegance and nobility invite themselves into our homes to bring the feeling of luxury and warmth we dream of. From wall coverings to floors, furniture and decor — wood in the dark range invites itself everywhere in the house. Our ideas will provide you with the necessary inspiration to know how to integrate it well into your home.

How to adopt dark wood in the contemporary interior?

In 2022, the interest of interior designers is shifting to dark wood, moving away from light and bleached tones that have had tremendous success thanks to the reign of Scandinavian decor. The use of wood in the design and decoration of our homes now has a predilection for darker tones such as dark walnut, ebony or even almost black shades. This dramatic palette exudes a feeling of luxury and refinement that is combined with the wonder of white marble, noble velvet tapestries and trendy metallic finishes. So there are a lot of reasons not to deprive yourself of it.

Contemporary dark wood kitchen

The dark wood kitchen does not necessarily rhyme with a stuffy atmosphere and outdated furnishings. Quite the contrary! The sleek and elegant design of contemporary dark wood kitchens exudes an impressive refinement and a feeling of unparalleled friendliness. In addition, deep tones are perfectly combined with other modern materials such as white marble, facing stone, brass and copper.

If you are not ready to take the plunge, a dark wooden worktop, combined with a parquet or a floor in the same dark tone, would be an excellent alternative for you. The duo works perfectly in white kitchens or in light shades.

A dark wood headboard and a matching clair-voie wall covering

In the contemporary bedroom, dressing a wooden wall is an approach increasingly used to bring more warmth and timeless elegance to the space. The dark palette works perfectly because it allows you to modernize the decor while infusing it with the desired felted feeling. The variations of modern wall coverings are endless and there is something for everyone, from the most refined to the most elaborate.

Dark wood on the ceiling

A beautiful dark wood cladding is the perfect approach to resize your room and hide the great height. This tip will also help you to make your room warmer because the use of wood will bring a touch of the unmistakable chalet style. Feel free to add other elements in the same dark palette to create a harmonious rendering. Large windows or bay windows will let in a lot of natural light which is important to avoid the risk of suffocating the room.

A touch of refinement even for closets

No matter where they are located, closets are an inseparable part of the decor of our habitats. So it’s out of the question to neglect their design! Ideal to provide a nice contrast or, on the other hand, to complement the overall appearance of the room, dark wood is a welcome addition to sliding or hinged doors while blending naturally into the existing decor. Definitely a winning approach for contemporary interiors where minimalism is put on a pedestal.

What about dark wood bathroom furniture?

Bathroom furnishing trends 2022 will also not do without melted wood. We will associate it with modern tiles, with paintings in neutral tones or with noble materials such as marble and granite. To achieve a harmonious look, feel free to add other dark wood details, such as wall plates, a pretty mirror frame or a bathtub apron.

A noble dark wood bookcase

Emphasize the noble and luxurious character of your interior by opting for a modern floor-to-ceiling bookcase, preferably in a dark wood essence. In addition to giving a new dimension to your room, the furniture is the perfect solution to put things in order in an elegant way. Feel free to add an integrated indirect lighting to highlight your special decorative objects while gaining brightness.

A modern partition in dark wood to delimit with elegance

The partition is an increasingly sought-after element of contemporary interior architecture. Its decorative character and design make it a modern and clever approach to delimit spaces with elegance and brilliance. In 2022, prefer a dark wooden partition that will make your home worthy of the cover of an interior design magazine.

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