How to make the red deco work in the contemporary interior? Inspiring ideas to adopt in 2022

Audrey Hepburn says that there is a shade of red for every woman. The editorial staff believes that there is a perfect tone of red for every home! Drawing inspiration from the trendy colors of 2022, we realize the predominance of red decor in the contemporary interior. Why? Ideal for infusing warmth and passion into the home, this palette comprising a myriad of more or less intense shades is combined with the wonder of neutral and muted tones whose influence continues to be felt quite strongly in the field of interior architecture and furniture. It evokes different emotions and helps to animate all the rooms of the home in very different ways.

How to make the red deco work in the contemporary interior?

According to Feng shui, red is able to make people happier and more sociable. A few touches of this fiery color are therefore the perfect addition for the living room and living room. Thanks to its positive and stimulating nature, the shade helps to cheer up and, as a result, enliven the gatherings in your home. But it can also be used in all other rooms of your home, including the bedroom. Read on and find out how to make the red decoration work well in your contemporary interior.

An armchair with a footrest in red in the gray living room

A single red piece of furniture is perfectly enough to bring character to any monochrome room. For example, the gray living room, which continues to be an absolute trend in interior design, is refreshed immediately if you add a piece of furniture in fiery red to it. An armchair or an ottoman will do the trick perfectly. Choose the right shade of red based on the predominant shade of gray in the room to create a harmonious rendering.

A small living room in the beige-brown range spiced up by red touches

Just as gray and red blend perfectly, beige, too, works very well with the fiery palette. The neutral tone helps to balance the red decoration without stifling it.

Red accents in the modern context

The modern or eclectic decors in which the black-white duo predominates can also be spiced up with a few touches of red. A few red cushions on the black and white «houndstooth» printed sofa and a large vase to put on the floor in the same color are perfectly enough to energize the interior in an elegant and smart way.

Revitalize the minimalist gray kitchen with a bold and refined red decoration

The trendy kitchen 2022 advocates daring ideas. This is good because the red decoration is ideal for this room whose potential is huge. If you hesitate to take too much risk, no problem. Bet on a monochrome and timeless design, available in a neutral palette such as white, gray or beige. Add red to it in small touches, for example, suspensions, island chairs, a vase or a pot cover. If, on the other hand, you are not afraid of daring choices, opt for a red central island that will stand out from the rest of the more sober decor.

Cherry red touches in the white and gray kitchen

The combination of white cabinets with a hexagonal tile in gray and white is enough in itself to make any kitchen a real jewel of contemporary design. But, in order to be creative, in no case should we hesitate to add a few touches of color that promise to energize the whole and emphasize the character of the room. A set of chairs in cherry red will bring precisely this desired dynamism while giving the kitchen a design look, worthy of the cover of a magazine.

A white and red kitchen with red curtains

The two-tone kitchen continues to be an absolute trend in the context of contemporary design. If you are tired of neutral concepts, which you find impersonal, why not combine the white cabinets with a few red closets? This idea guarantees you to create a dynamic design, full of freshness and character. Feel free to complete the set with a pair of red curtains and, perhaps, a wall panel declined in the same bright shade for an extra boost.

Dining chairs in bright red

The dining room can also enjoy an elegant and modern red decor, without being completely invaded by the intense color. Bet on a wooden dining table and chest of drawers and only add a set of chairs in bright red, brick or burgundy. You will not regret it.

Emphasize the volume of the room with an artistic red decoration.

The clever use of red paint will help you emphasize the volume of the room, while at the same time drawing attention to the architectural features of the dwelling. This creative game of geometric shapes makes the decoration more dynamic and artistic.

The red and black duo as retro as they are modern

In order to boost your creativity when working at home, the best approach is to bet on red furniture and accessories. This daring idea is a real brain booster that will keep you focused and motivated throughout the day. Also not to be overlooked is the fact that by combining red with black, you create a retro-modern hybrid decor, ideal for the contemporary workspace.

A upholstered headboard as a red decorative element in the master bedroom

Is your contemporary bedroom in need of a touch of luxury and color? If so, our next idea will suit you perfectly. Instead of making big changes, it is enough to simply add an original headboard, ideally in a bright color. In the photo above, we present you a padded model, in red velvet, which is the perfect finishing touch for the noble decor of this adult room. The abundance of black and white elements perfectly counterbalances the bright red headboard while creating the perfect backdrop for the daring solution.

Curtains in elegant muted red in the bright bedroom

If you are looking for a red deco idea in the deaf range, the example above is just for you. The curtains and the wall panel are available in a red that rather draws on the terracotta color, whose influence on the atmosphere is soft and elegant. The tone is soothing and it works wonderfully well in the bright room, dominated by white and light wood.

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