No windows? No worries! Here are 5 plants for bathroom without light!

Being a parent of plants is very fashionable at the moment. Plants have become an important part of our interior decoration and not only! Plants can purify the air and are known to reduce stress and anxiety and improve mood! Indeed, taking care of a living being is a wonderful experience. We all love plants to such an extent that we want to put them everywhere! Do you have a bathroom without windows? Do you think that you can not put your precious plants in it? Uh, maybe! The good news is that there are some that adapt perfectly to damp and dark areas and that can thrive in your bathroom! So, stick around and find out what are the best plants for bathroom without windows!

Five plants for the bathroom: natural decor

Natural decoration is always on trend and is at its peak right now. Not only do your plants make a beautiful decor, but they have the power to make you happy! By the way, if you’ve ever wondered if you could put plants in a damp, dark place like the bathroom, yes, you can! However, not all plants! Many of them need the sun to grow, others hate the humidity … But there are some that can easily adapt to your bathroom! The DeaVita team has concocted a very small list of five sublime plants that will undeniably enchant you!

Plants for low-light bathroom : Aglaonema

To begin with in beauty, here is the magnificent Aglaonema that can quickly thrive under the warm and loving rays of the sun. Although exposure to light is really beneficial for this plant, it can easily adapt to a darker and more humid space. In fact, she likes constant humidity, so your daily showers can be very beneficial to her growth.

Aloe vera plant

Then aloe vera is an extremely interesting plant that has healing qualities. Its juice can be used to relieve burns, cuts and rashes on the skin, including common sunburn. It can even be made into a drink with many health benefits. And most importantly, aloe vera is an extraordinarily resistant plant, known to be almost impossible to kill! Do you need to convince yourself to buy one or are you already picking up your keys and going to the florist?

Fragrant dragon tree

And here is another indestructible plant, even for the worst plant owners! Besides, do you forget to water your plants? To remove dust correctly? Don’t worry! This magnificent plant will love the humidity of the bathroom. But be careful, she can grow a lot. If you leave them inside, some can reach 2 m. If they are outside, they can grow 20 m!


To brighten up your bathroom in a meaningful way, orchids are one of the best possible choices. The constant humidity will make them bloom like crazy! If you feel ready to do so, buy orchids of different colors and watch them blossom! And if you are interested, check out our article on how to care for an orchid in the bathroom!


To finish with style and color, here is a tropical and beautiful plant that will undoubtedly be the best bathroom decoration you will have! Cultivation of bromeliads is easy in an adequate environment. Unique and exotic, this tropical houseplant needs filtered light and prefers a warm and humid place like the bathroom. Bromeliads have thick, variegated foliage that surrounds a colorful, durable flower with pointed petals.

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