Quelles astuces pour adopter la décoration cuisine en bois ? Idées selon les dernières tendances 2022 !

One of the latest trends in terms of materials in the kitchen includes the use of wood in all its forms. So, do you know what are the tricks for adding this material to the room devoted to the preparation of culinary masterpieces? We suggest that you take a look at our collection of images and consult the accompanying information. Thus, you will discover what are the different ways to get the most out of wooden kitchen decoration and you will probably find inspiration to put them into practice at home.

Ideas to adopt the wooden kitchen decoration

Wood is probably the most multi-purpose material that one could imagine and it is not only in the context of the kitchen. In particular, it is this flexibility that determines the plethora of aesthetic ideas related to its use. From floor to ceiling and everywhere in between, we can adopt the wooden kitchen decoration and thus make the space even more friendly and noble!

The most obvious choice when talking about the wooden kitchen decoration is to cover the floor with it and this is quite logicala. However, since this is a space where the floor needs to be not only dry cleaned, but also washed from time to time, this porous material will not last long as is. It is therefore necessary to opt for a special varnish for solid floors or for a water-impregnated parquet.

Wooden kitchen furniture from every angle

Another obvious option to adopt wood in your kitchen is to choose it as the main material for your furniture. Of course, the type of wood, its processing and finishing, among other things, depends on which style you want to give your room. For example, color-painted wooden cabinets are perfect in the kitchen of classic or retro chic style.

If, on the other hand, you want to implement a rather rural or industrial-minded space, the old raw wood furniture will be your best friends during this magnificent adventure. The original texture of the cozy and blemish-flecked massif will add a lot of visual warmth to the cool patinated metal or concrete elements which will create a desired contrast in ideal balance.

Original ideas on the worktop and the central island

Apart from the painted wooden furniture, one can quietly select a wooden worktop, especially speaking of kitchens in traditional style or country chic. Add a farmhouse sink and a black vintage faucet and voila! Oh yes, you just need to make sure that the wooden worktop is varnished or oiled so that it keeps in top condition.

Reclaimed wood is another ingenious possibility for any contemporary owner following trends, especially if he wants to energize a little a white kitchen in danger of looking boring. The recup boards can dress up a functional element such as the extractor hood or play the role of a decorative accent wall that will catch everyone’s eye.

The central island, the bar cabinet or the table integrated into the worktop are the other furnishing elements capable of successfully accommodating your trendy wooden kitchen decoration. Aim for species that are known to be robust and attractive at the same time such as oak, beech, walnut, eucalyptus, bamboo, maple, cherry, ash and some softwoods such as pine.

Small wooden kitchen decoration elements with great effect

The exposed beams on the ceiling represent another structure that would embrace the wood with wide open arms. Originally, they were typical for country-style decorated houses, but they are still seen more often in modern, even minimalist kitchens. As you can see, the rough beams look great in the all-white kitchen.

Even two or three stools with solid wood seats are able to completely transform the white kitchen from a sterile atmosphere into an exclusive design space where every detail has found its right place.

Finally, keep in mind that small household items such as spoons, spatulas, cutting boards and so on are great ways to complement your wall shelves or low stools made of solid wood. Choose the same finishing essence or texture for all objects so that the overall appearance is harmonious and attractive.

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