Trendy bathroom 2022: which trendy colors to choose?! Discover them!

Do you want to be a trendsetter and amaze your guests with your modern and stylish bathroom? Are you always looking for novelties for your decoration? Then you have come to the right place. Refreshing the color of your walls or laying colorful and funky tiles is a great way to make your space look like a photo from an interior design magazine! Whether it’s installing a farmhouse sink or setting up a spiritual decoration, you can always do a little more … DV has all the information to share for the trendy bathroom 2022!

Bathroom trend 2022 : colors

Since the Pantone color of the year 2022 Very Peri came out, there has been an outcry in all possible trend categories. So if you need to be sure of something, it’s that Very Peri is at the top of all trends this year. However, many other colors were chosen and managed to get honorable places. Every year pastel colors are in fashion, you can never go wrong with them. They soothe the eye and make your room look more spacious. Nevertheless, we have said that 2022 is above all a matter of affirmation. Thus, darker colors like blue and green are a must. In addition, marble bathrooms and rustic wooden bathrooms are making a comeback! Now scroll down and get inspired!

Blue bathroom

Dark blue colors are perfect for creating a contrast in your bathroom and giving it the appearance of the ocean floor. However, darker colors tend to be more depressing and make a room look smaller. If you are not a fan of very dark or very light colors, go for duck blue, classic blue or smoke blue. A pro tip: if you find tiles of slightly darker colors to make a false horizon on your wall, it will give the illusion of space! Plus, it’s more fun than just one color! Bonus tip: colorful tiles with patterns and accents can only add to the charm.

Bathroom color emerald green

Are you looking for bathroom ideas in green? You will love it then! Green is one of the most soothing colors there is. Not only does it represent nature, but it also symbolizes rebirth, renewal and immortality. Emerald green is such a fantastic and nuanced color that it can only catch your eye and make you dream. White and emerald green tiles are the perfect combination for a chic bathroom. Also put on more colors, but do not overdo it! Pastel colors like pale pink are an excellent complement to an already magnificent design.

Wooden bathroom

We know that wood is not a color, but wait! Wood has many shades and comes in different materials. Are you still looking for ways to include organic materials in your design? Wood is a classic, you can never go wrong with it. However, do not forget that it will cost you much more than laminate or tile. The incorporation of wood will most certainly make your bathroom more welcoming and warm. Without a doubt!

Bathroom trend 2022 marble

Do you know what stands the test of time and is still in fashion? Perpetually elegant, chic and absolutely gorgeous? Well, you guessed it, it’s marble! Although we are talking here about very trendy colors and styles, we must say that in every month, year, decade … Marble is a must! By the way, if you already know how to save money and have been waiting to be inspired to renovate your bathroom… Marble is the perfect choice. For everything, in fact. Think of it as an investment. Not only is it the most durable material, but if you are interested in real estate, the price of your apartment/house will skyrocket! Just something to consider, even if the aesthetics are impeccable.

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