Trendy kitchen materials 2022: what to equip the gourmet space to make it trendy and classy?

When it comes to the overall stylistics of a given room, few factors are as powerful as the materials used. This parameter applies to the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room and the room dedicated to the culinary art too. And if you are planning to renovate or simply refresh this gourmet space during the current year, you are probably wondering what are the trendy kitchen materials 2022 not to lose its radars. Lucky you for coming across our page! Here are our thoughts on this after a thorough search and dozens of photos examined closely and analyzed in depth.

What materials floor kitchen?

Occupying the largest area in the room, the floor is undoubtedly the most visible element of your layout and, therefore, the one whose influence is dominant. On the other hand, considering that we are talking about a space where we work with food, its easy maintenance is of paramount importance. Fortunately, the list of top trends 2022 includes a lot of kitchen materials that are aesthetic, easy to clean and durable.

Of course, wood remains undefeatable during the current year, especially when talking about natural parquet. Tiling is also a must, it is not expensive and you don’t have to worry about cleaning it either. If you can’t decide between tiles and wood, know that marrying various materials to the floor is a top trend of 2022!

Floor tiling is a classic option that should not be underestimated

The worktops, the credenza and the central island

When we examine the worktops, the credenza and the central island of the top trending kitchens 2022 we immediately notice that the classics meet modernity. Eternal marble remains at the top of the list of attractive kitchen materials as well as stones as a whole. In addition to granite, quartz and soapstone, we can see that new composite materials are also very popular. Some of them are considered more environmentally friendly and include recycled glass particles or other recycled materials.

For example, a terrazzo worktop or credenza is an extremely attractive option and it is relatively convenient in terms of maintenance. This mixture of cement and fragments of different natural stones catches all eyes on you thanks to its beautifully speckled surface of green, yellow, red, beige and so on.

The only thing to remember, and this is very important, is that cleaning marble, terrazzo and other natural stone surfaces is done with non-acidic products. If the stone is dark, alkaline cleaners are also not recommended and only neutral detergents are used.

The glazed ceramic tiled credenza is another very exciting possibility especially when its color is intense and bold. The additional gloss of the glazed stoneware tile further enhances the style of the space, which ranks the tiles among the kitchen materials most preferred by contemporary owners. By the way, both exotic and modern cement tiles at the same time always remain in during the current year.

The top kitchen materials for furniture

As for kitchen furniture, wood remains the eternal noble choice that will never go out of fashion. Of course, its type depends on what style you want to assign to your own particular space. Raw wood is excellent for recreating the chic country spirit while painted wooden furniture is ideal for classic rooms.

Next, keep in mind that dark essences, which are currently back, are well suited for a state-of-the-art kitchen when they are well chosen. Not to mention melamine, laminate, MDF, etc. whose matt, glossy or satin finishes and the wide range of colors can adapt them perfectly to almost any kitchen style.

Accessories not to be forgotten

Other kitchen materials that should definitely be mentioned are glass and metal. Except for the lighting fixtures where we can see the two together, we observe the great return of the simply magnificent interior canopies. Metals are mostly hot, which means that the ubiquitous stainless steel is giving way to brass, copper and gold.

Patinated metal is another extremely trendy option, especially if your kitchen is industrial, country or vintage style. Finally, don’t forget to soften the cool metals via accents in natural materials such as wood and wicker, among others.

A marriage of ceramics, natural stone, wood, tinted glass and copper in a kitchen rich in color

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