Does a plastic-free kitchen kick you? 10 cheap ideas that really have something to seduce!

Do you dream of a kitchen without plastic or waste, more welcoming and respectful of the environment? Without necessarily embarking on expensive major works, there are simple daily gestures, smart small investments and many decorative tricks at mini prices that make it possible to make the gourmet room more eco-friendly, healthy and modern. lists for you 10 ideas to consider for setting up a zero-waste kitchen, but also offers you ways to move in this direction, no matter your budget.

10 decorative essentials to have for an eco-friendly plastic-free kitchen

To go to zero plastic, nothing could be easier! First, it is necessary to rethink your interior, decluttering it, installing more durable things in it and saying goodbye to everything disposable. Because in the green lifestyle, there is the waste that we produce, the waste that we throw in the trash and the invisible waste, usually produced by the extraction of materials to produce new unnecessary objects. That said, when you want to design a kitchen without plastic or waste, it is important to review the contents of your cupboards and drawers, but also to rethink your eating and consumption habits. The idea? Learn to think sustainable, reusable and economical! In the kitchen concretely, this necessarily involves homemade, DIY, recycled decoration, plastic reduction and the accumulation of greenery. Focus!

Bocaux à gogo pour dire Bye Bye au plastique

For a decluttered kitchen without plastic, you have to be green right down to the decoration! In this vein, forget synthetic materials and make way for natural materials such as wood, wicker, resin and glass. So opt for Mason jars! Long cheesy and associated with granny’s decor, this container is on the rise. Combined with the DIY phenomenon, the glass jar can be turned away in two steps and three movements into a storage space, vase, luminaire or even. His greatest asset? He reinvests and decorates our kitchen cupboards brilliantly, while replacing the unsightly plastic. In addition, there are all sizes and shapes to meet your needs. It is perfect both to preserve your spices and to makeover the gourmet room. Preparing delicious homemade jams or placing colorful vegetables in airtight jars is not only a practical but also a decorative act! Now all you have to do is arrange them on your shelves. A real pleasure for the eyes … and not only!

Wooden kitchen utensils for a plastic-free kitchen

Whether in the preparation of food or in the layout, the zero waste kitchen without plastic or waste involves a return to basics. Thus, we get rid of our closets filled with garbage, our shelves overflowing with gadgets and our busy decor. The solution? We opt for a kitchen with an offbeat vintage look like at our grandmothers. To this end, make way for eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as wood and stainless steel: knives, forks, thrifts, bowls, salad bowls, cutting boards, etc. Ditto for natural fabrics! Cotton, linen and hemp are also at the rendezvous in the zero plastic kitchen. The catch? Wooden utensils and decorative objects are often expensive. In order not to go bankrupt, we equip ourselves second-hand, we do recycling or we search our grandmother’s kitchen. That’s enough to enjoy a plastic-free and 100% vintage kitchen. In this context, we shop in bulk and prefer products with the least packaging.

Shopping net for a plastic-free kitchen

For a plastic-free kitchen, we obviously say stop to single-use plastic bags, generally banned since 2016. Instead, we opt for paper or fabric bags. And in this context, we fall for the shopping net! Widely used by the housewife to do her shopping several decades ago and forgotten during the war, this ecological bag is back in force to make your life easier and makeover your kitchen. Functional and decorative at will, it is normally used to preserve your food. However, you can easily turn it into a transparent storage to hang somewhere in the kitchen. Whatever you put in it, cotton mesh bags are THE ideal solution to set up a plastic-free kitchen at a mini price. Unlike plastic bags, they invest the walls of the kitchen to proudly display your colorful fruits and vegetables. In addition, they are trendy! Riding the neo-retro wave, they come in a multitude of colors that will only brighten up your outfit.

Bamboo accessories for a plastic-free kitchen

The plastic-free kitchen fight continues! And although some accessories and utensils are not mandatory, they are very suitable for going green mode. Then fall for the green alternatives of single-use objects – straws, cups, plastic bowls – by choosing them in bamboo. If you dream of an eco-friendly kitchen decor that gives pride of place to wood, it is on the latter that you should bet. Make your roll of washable kitchen paper, use bandanas as towels, sew your own coffee or tea filters from organic linen … so many good ideas to test to make the gourmet room even more decorative and environmentally friendly!

Biodegradable beeswax food film

Do you want to prepare a homemade sandwich to vary meals at work? But then how do you store leftover food once it’s put in the fridge? Using a plastic film or aluminum foil? Generally of single use and not at all respectful of the environment, the latter are to be banned in the kitchen without plastic. Put in contact with your food, they are also dangerous to health. It is therefore out of the question to expose yourself to cancer when there are several healthy alternatives to plastic, including beeswax cling film in mind. What exactly is it? This is an organic cotton fabric that is coated with wax, jojoba oil and tree resin. Reusable, washable and biodegradable, this biodegradable food packaging protects your food by letting it breathe. It allows you to cover your dishes, plates and jars, no matter their shape or size. In addition, you can make it yourself. Demo below!

Necessary materials :

  • beeswax in flakes or stick
  • organic cotton squares
  • oven


Wash and cut the fabric into squares. Place the latter on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper and coat them with beeswax (to be found in organic stores or on the Canvas). Then preheat your oven to 80 ° C and bake the fabric for about 5 minutes, watching carefully. Once the wax has visibly melted and the fabric is well impregnated all over, take out the cling film and spread it on your work surface. Let cool until the wax is very hard.

Wicker basket for a plastic-free kitchen

As you know, the wicker basket allows a thousand and one uses and customizations. Once reserved for the market, the basket is now reinvented as an ultra decorative accessory to adopt in the gourmet room to make it more eco-friendly and welcoming. Economical, ethnic and with multiple features, it is THE ideal solution to store and decorate with style. How to invite him to your kitchen? Use it to store and rearrange your cupboards to accommodate your essentials and cook more sustainably. Thanks to a few wicker baskets of different sizes, you can turn your drawers into a practical and aesthetic pantry for storing fruits and vegetables in them. Also learn some good techniques to preserve them better and thus avoid waste. Little tip: to enjoy your carrots longer, place them in sand.

Recovered and misappropriated items

A few small daily actions are enough to reduce your bills and make your kitchen greener and more sustainable while working for the planet. And for this, we recover, recycle and transform. No more waste! We make his creativity work by giving a second life to some of his old objects by being inspired by the recycled decor. So, we take advantage of our wine cases to turn them into shelves, then we turn the cans into clever storage spaces, the hangers into paper towel holders and the Mason jars into a nice light fixture to hang above the central island. Finally, to cook without waste or waste, we adopt batch cooking by devoting a few hours of the weekend to prepare our meals for the week.

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