How to optimize the small space thanks to the loft bed? The good old solution that dominates the trends of 2022

Comment bien choisir un lit mezzanine et le faire fonctionner dans son habitat ?

Today, many people face the problem of lack of space – a contemporary phenomenon that affects more and more French people. Whether you live alone, as a couple or with your family, sooner or later you will realize that you need more space to store your belongings at home or worse, to sleep comfortably. Fortunately, the new year 2022 comes out of its sleeve the optimal solution by answering the prayers of all concerned. The mezzanine bed is reborn from the ashes to give everyone a space-saving alternative of functional and modern layout. Here is what the experts advise you when it comes to choosing the perfect piece of furniture!

Comment bien choisir un lit mezzanine et le faire fonctionner dans son habitat ?

That’s right, the loft bed is again beginning to attract the interest of people whose housing is running out of space. It’s no secret that the furniture in question is very practical – the height structure makes it possible to declutter the floor space, while maximally exploiting the area on the walls. Therefore, the free square meters below can be arranged and optimized in different ways depending on individual needs. Another significant asset is the original and contemporary design of these extraordinary beds. Also not to forget the fact that they are an excellent choice for teenagers, or even for students, and they are frequently seen in studios and rented accommodation for young people.

For comfort, choose a platform that is wider than the mattress

True, the loft bed allows you to save a lot of space under it, but what about the space all around? Experts advise you to make the platform or the space around the bed wider than the mattress itself so that you can comfortably store some items, such as, for example, a bedside book, a hand cream, a night lamp, a glass of water, etc. — all the things that you tend to keep on your bed, so that you can comfortably store.

Customize your mezzanine with design elements

The loft bed to oneself is a design piece of furniture that is able to give a design air to any room. But you can always customize and perfect it by adding modern and stylish elements, such as, for example, an original staircase. By swapping the ordinary ladder for a more stable and comfortable to use staircase, you guarantee yourself a unique piece of furniture that perfectly matches your needs. Also feel free to add other original elements, such as a wooden ramp, a pipe railing etc.

Create another «room» under your loft bed

Loft beds are particularly practical space-saving solutions for small dwellings. The space below can be transformed in many ways according to individual needs. In most cases, we take the opportunity to arrange a compact but functional office area, a dressing area, or even a play area for children. But when it comes to optimizing the space in a miniature dwelling, sometimes there is no choice but to create another «room» under the mezzanine.

How to do it? A small sofa, a coffee table, a shelf and a compact TV stand are enough to arrange a convenient and comfortable seating area on it. Do not hesitate to choose a sofa bed that will accommodate your friends who are visiting you. You can also divert the empty space into a dressing room or pantry. Another great idea is to set up a custom-made kitchen under the mezzanine – this is especially useful for making the most of the space in small studios.

And why not hang the bed on the ceiling?

If you feel that the standard loft bed looks too imposing, why not consider the idea of hanging it from the ceiling? This solution is perfectly suited for small spaces and it allows to keep the interior airy and bright, with zero clutter. As with standard mezzanines, the open area under the sleeping corner can be arranged as an additional living space.

Install wall shelves and wall mount light fixtures

Wall-mounted shelves and wall lighting will provide you with the comfort of a bedroom without taking up space. On the shelves, you can store a few books, decorative objects or anything that might be useful to you. As for the light, it is always convenient to have a light fixture in the immediate vicinity of the bed, just in case. In addition, it will minimize the number of times you will have to leave the bed.

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