Which bedroom decor trend 2022 is right for you? The must-have accents of any trendy and chic space!

At the beginning of each calendar year, top colors in the wind are quite often talked about in the context of the world of fashion, interior design and so on. Of course, being aware of what’s new allows us to channel them through our own wardrobes or interiors. Which modern sofa model would be best for my living room? Tile, wall paint or wallpaper in the bathroom choose according to the pros? Could I renovate and redecorate the stairs during the current year and at what price? What bedroom decor trend 2022 could I implement in my home? Every contemporary homeowner asks himself one or more of these questions and this is quite normal! So, if it is the parental suite that interests you in the given moment, you have come to the right place!

After the pandemic and lockdowns, people have become tired of the negativism that seems to attack them from all sides. This phenomenon has caused an omnipresent craze for positivism and appreciation of the little things in life that cause joy. What all our current decoration trends have in common is in particular this ambient optimism that invades us all quite easily.

Turning disadvantages into advantages is practical and simple

The first step towards a positive attitude is to be able to find beauty and practicality where others see obstacles and disadvantages. So, if you have a small niche, an inconvenient corner or some other type of wasted space in your adult bedroom, do your best to tame it and make the most of it as the designers of the space pictured above did.

Pastel wall painting and superimposed striking deco accents

Another bedroom decor trend 2022 reflecting confidence in the future and classic aesthetics comes in the form of a delicate and optimistic colorful palette. Fortunately, the varied pastel shades and neutral colors will certainly be in the spotlight for the entire current year. So that’s how to make them work at home!

However, as it happens quite often in life, there is a catch. So that the well-«wise» pastel colors do not look boring and banal, or even devoid of any personal touches, it is worth reviving them somewhat. Thus, accents in saturated tones that will introduce attractive and artistic desired contrast into your space are ideal for doing this.

You can also introduce this contrast through the disassembled textures. Adding decorative accents in gold or brass to the rather cool background (or vice versa) is a very good strategy to implement the proposed idea. An unusual mural can just as well energize and spice up the otherwise overly cautious pastel decor.

The eye-catching headboard as the top bedroom decor trend 2022

If we have to choose a single bedroom decor trend 2022 to put into practice, it will undoubtedly be that of the imposing, showy and even rowdy headboard. It’s up to you to decide between a upholstered and upholstered design that goes from floor to ceiling, a surprising manufacturing material or a flashy color palette to respect the trend.

What matters to make the most of this bedroom decor trend 2022 is that the headboard catches the eye immediately and that it creates an effect «Wow! «in the spectator. Of course, in ideal harmony with the leitmotif of the year 2022, it should above all give us a lot of pleasure to see and cause positive emotions!

Artwork invades the walls of the master suite

Have you heard of Babouche yellow as the 2022 trend wall paint color? Well, the only thing that is even more trendy and artistic than a babouche wall is a babouche wall adorned with paintings, drawings or posters! Choose artwork that matches the rest of the decor in the room for a cohesive and pleasing effect.

The green plants trend in adult bedroom decor 2022

The latest bedroom decor trend 2022 that we would like to offer you today is actually something that you probably already know. The reason is that it was seen everywhere during the past year and it was one of the most promising decorative trends of 2021. Yes, it is indeed about the room decoration with green plants! Can’t decide which of these inclinations to choose? Here are some ideas in photos to combine 2 or 3

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