Bed trend 2022 : What room and what bed should you choose ? It tells you everything !

The bedroom is a place for rest, relaxation and security. Similarly, your bed is important : it enables you relax both physically and mentally. In this respect, the bed-trend 2022 is will be addressed with a simple elegance. Unity with nature will be a core element in the same way as minimalism able to bring you a little peace and quiet in a period marked by the stress generated by the increase of infections of Covid-19. The natural materials, the combination safe, live plants, the stone, the wood and the light of the day are among the most popular trends for bedrooms in 2022. You said a little more ?

What will be the bed-trend 2022 ?

In the area of the bedroom, the mode goes to the combination of different styles. It is important to define a main style that will give more unity to the interior design of your room. We will see first the two different styles of bedrooms that are in the air time. Then, we will elaborate on the bed trend 2022.

What bedroom will the odds be in 2022 ?

Two styles of bedroom have the wind in its sails, and should be very good next year : the chamber of natural, rustic, and minimalist. The first, due to the general awareness of environmental issues. Bedroom minimalist, it will have the rating, the fact that a return to the desires of simplicity, a piece of soothing, no-frills.

The house natural rustic

The bedroom making the most beautiful industrial design, which is very popular in recent years in the interior design are fashioned in 2022 and should disappear from this room of the house. The benefits of biophilic design no longer present, the bedroom will become more warm and inviting. If you wish to keep your metal bed, you can opt for a compromise between the two : the modern design rustic. In fact, it brings natural touches for a modern interior, thanks to the use of wood and other natural materials for the bed in particular.

Bedroom minimalist

If you are looking for an easy way to give a breath of fresh air to your room, think of the scandinavian style. Accessories, bedside tables and bed frames in the spirit of the nordic countries have dominated the trends in home furnishings over the last few years. In addition, the scandinavian style will bring you a surplus of simplicity and authenticity while making your space more organized. Accents of gray and off-white combination with the natural light will create an atmosphere that really calming. In addition, a combination with brick walls and soft textures of the bed linen will give your interior a unique charm.

Bed trend 2022 : our two favorites

The canopy bed and the wooden bed vintage are announced as the top favorites at the box office in 2022. The vintage bed confirms the simplicity and the return to the natural of the bedroom. The other hand, the four-poster bed, will bring a real touch of freshness invigorating to your room.

The four-poster bed

The designs of bedroom spectacular are all the rage in 2022 and nothing is as expressive as a part of a four-poster bed. A canopy in your bedroom can add an elegant touch to the room. The four-poster beds metal or iron, for example, is very elegant and still leave plenty of light. If you opt for a rack like this one, remember to add white bedding for a striking contrast. This combination creates an aesthetic of clean and modern in the room.

The vintage bed

The drift chamber of vintage style or a bohemian can be both practical and beautiful. The screens are perfect to divide a room, create privacy and reduce noise. Variants with a vintage look are especially popular at this time. In effect, they add a touch of «cosy» old-school » feel to the piece while dividing the space into different areas.

You can for example exploit a folding screen to hide a desk in the room, or place it behind your bed to create a headboard unique. Materials like wicker or rattan, which had a huge success in the 90s, are very popular at the moment, but they are reinterpreted with modern forms and updated styling. The other furniture in the room also have their importance : a wicker chair in one corner, a bench in rattan at the end of the bed. Likewise, small boxes and baskets are beautiful natural accents in the room. In addition, they are able to contribute to the more order in the room.

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