Brighten your cocoon for sure with the interior decoration in pastel color !

Pastel colors can help give a room a feeling of softness, freshness and create an interior in really soothing. But how to implement it without transform your home into a house of Barbie ? Or maybe, this is exactly your goal ? Do not worry ! We know it can be difficult at the beginning, that is why we will help you choose the interior design pastel-colored perfect to suit your personal tastes. We have prepared something for each of you, then continue reading.

Interior decoration in pastel color – definition

We’ve heard a lot of pastel colors, since they have become a major trend over the past year, but do you really know what it is exactly ? A pastel color is defined as any hue with a high brightness (this means it is more clear) and a low saturation medium (a colour less intense). It is, in fact, a fairly wide range, which means that the pallet of pastels is much more vast than what you would have been able to believe it. Then, in addition to hues like mint green, pink and blue powder-coated, we also add the yellow banana, the beige orival, the purple, the colors cream and cotton.

The decoration in pastel color in interior design ? Yes, I take advantage of it !

Like the pastel colours are boosted light, they are a perfect choice for small apartments (but not only) ! They have the power tovisually expand any piece, so don’t hesitate to add some elements in mint green or blue here and there. Another great advantage of these tones is that they have a strong impact on your mood. In short, more pastel colours in interior decoration, most owners are happy ! Cool, huh !?

Deco living room in pastel color

The interior decoration in pastel color is no longer reserved for the baby room ! Some also find the pastels are only associated with women. But since last year, the use of these colours is now associated with vibrant and contrasting colors, and black-bold, this gives a point of view completely different. So, it’s time to experiment with styles and colours to succeed a complete makeover to your indoor space.

In the design of your living room, you can incorporate pastel colors by adding small touches to textiles, and even furniture. Also, think about the wall decoration, the curtains, the rug and our favourite – the sofa pastel !

Deco pastel in the bedroom

Shades of pastel is ideal for the bedroom, as they promote relaxation. In this case, you can opt for what’s called the total look, that is to overload the interior of the same color or several shades of the same color. Nevertheless, a basic gray or beige complemented by accessories, pastel is a most popular option that fits every style of interior design, and that creates an atmosphere too girly.

The pastel colors fit well in the bedroom style bohemian or scandinavian, that will always be in vogue in 2022. In the blue sky, the powdery pink or the same in color Very Peri delicate shades marshmallows will complement perfectly with accessories and wicker, the dream catchers and the natural tissue.

How to associate the color pastel ?

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