How to decorate a large wall in living room ? Ideas & Tips for a successful modern interior in 2022 !

If you have a large or high wall in your living room and you’re wondering how to decorate it, you’re in the right place ! In this article, you will find a few ideas and tips for creating an accent wall according to the latest trends ! This will ensure you have a place that is welcoming and comfortable where you can relax or invite your friends. If you skip this part, you’ll end up with a wall blank look neglected and, let’s face it-boring. We are sure that this is not your goal. So do not hesitate and check out how you can bring the style to every square inch of your space. So how to decorate a large wall in living room ? Here’s the answer !

How to decorate a large wall in living room ?

It can be intimidating and rather depressing to look at an empty wall and trying to decide if it is necessary to hang a work of art, or experiment with other ideas to decorate the wall, like a big clock or a tapestry or quilt. After all, you want to ensure that what fills your empty wall is not only beautiful, but also goes with all the rest of your interior design and showcase your personal style. Then, regardless of whether your living room is scandinavian style and pampering, bohemian-chic, japandi, rustic or industrial, here are our proposals to delight the great wall according to the latest trends in 2022.

Clock wall mural

Do you not feel pressed for time ! Slow down ! This decoration trend has a goal to sublimate your interior and add a bit of magic in your living room. Then go for a walk in the stores, there are hundreds of models for you to choose from. You can even make yourself !

Decoration with recycled objects

The decoration room with objects of recovery and vintage is very chic. In addition, it is less expensive. It should also be noted that the construction sector is in the list of the first 10 places in terms of the production of waste. Don’t make a party and try to reduce this waste. A good way to do that is to use recycled objects in your decoration inner (and outer).

Decoration biophilic

Another creative way to fill up your empty wall is to transform it into a small garden. You can find planters wall or plants that do not need soil, therefore, you can place them at different levels on the wall. When you choose the location of your plants, and create a visual balance by asking some on the floor some on the tables and in laying down some directly on the wall.

If you don’t have a green thumb, try to put real plants of the herbarium in a frame. It is a decoration of a low-maintenance that will be in vogue next year.

How to decorate a wall of living room very high ?

An idea very clever for the walls is to cut the space in two. On the photo above, it is made with interior windows, but you can also do it using the technique called a » color block «, a baseboard or wall paper. The molding of the coronation is still a good option. Think also about the decorations, vertical and paints, XXL. When we talk about art, framed, it is necessary to ensure that it is really big, as shown on the photo. Otherwise, combine several tables to create a mini gallery in your living room.

How to decorate a large wall in living room ? Find more ideas in the photo gallery !

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